Robot Head

DJ Sures


I started on a little project for a humanoid-type platform. I have ideas for the body and such, but i'm starting with the head because i'm adding new features to ARC for it.

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Interesting, I have seen the head on eBay, also worked on a project humanoid, or rather semi-humanoid, humanoid body bone and wheels to get around. We hope to hear from your robot dj!:)


That is beyond cool! I absolutely love it!


Ditto! The eyes are still tripping me out, how'd you make them DJ?


They're from Robotic Squared

United Kingdom

do they have a website ? i looked on google but only ebay and utube come up ?


Not sure, i purchased off their eBay page


DJ, you just never cease to amaze!!!!!! It has been great watching the evolution of the EZ-B/ARC! I'm so happy to be a part of it. You are making advanced robotics available to so many! I'm sure all the new features will be anticipated by all. Keep up the great work! BTW I have changed my user ID to : robotz12248 My old one was lostcreekstation. Welcome to all the new members. Happy holidays to one and all. Lloyd


is this head in ARC still for use? but with ezbv4 then


@nomad... it's just a plastic mask with servos and leds so it will work fine with any version of the ezb



yes i know that. i mean the mask is not chowing in ARC under robots.


@nomad18.08 You don't need a control for it... it's not a robot... it's just 3 servos, 2 leds and a plastic mask... It's not difficult to animate using simple scripts or the auto positioner control.....See here....


Looks great! Very realistic looking. Well done!


Here is a photo of my robot and the mask I used.

There is an EZ camera installed which looks thru the hole in the nose. I used 2 standard EZ servos in the neck which allows movement. The eyes are made from white plastic eggs which are glued to the servo arms on 2 micro servos.

@ nomadTMBS

She does facial tracking and eye tracking which I know you have done. Just be sure if you use micro servos get a voltage reducer so you don't burn them out.

Ron User-inserted image

User-inserted image

PS the mask was about $5.00 at a craft store.