Resurrection - Another Full Sized Lost In Space B9 Robot coming to life

Dave Schulpius

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There is no EZ Robot control yet in this robot. However with the upgrades I'm planning for this robot, EZ Robot and the EZB are going to be center stage.

I was asked by a fellow Lost In Space and B9 Robot fan to help him rebuild his B9 Robot. He bought it a few years ago and was a bit overwhelmed in getting this poor old robot put together and working. I agreed to try to help and give it a try. I couldn't bring myself to see an old B9 Robot left to exist in boxes and never see the light of day again.

Hopefully this is the first of many videos documenting my journey rebuilding an old friend and a hero of my childhood.

Hopefully in a few months I can have him blinking, flashing and rattling off sound clips. Please enjoy this first of many video to come  where I first see what I have to work with as I unpack and discover. LOL.

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I hope this is not seen as spam but since DJ asked here I go.... I'm actually quite involved with the running and control of The B9 Robot Builders Club along with a couple other guys. I'm not the head guy but I do have input with what is happening. One of the things I do is I actually manage and take care of our club website that Nomad pointed to. There's a lot of information on building a B9 Robot there and also has a section that allows club approved vendors to sell highly accurate B9 Robot parts. I know there a few regular people here on this forum that are members of our club. Here's the proper web address. You probably need to copy and paste it into your web browser because for some reason this forum won't let links like this work:

To answer DJ's question; There are no kits that will let people build the entire robot. Legendary Entertainment who owns the rights to most things Lost In Space will not grant us license or give The B9 Robot Builders Club permission to sell kits to build a full sized robot. However they do allow our vendors to reproduce parts for hobbyist to build their own robots. They watch us quite closely and actually have in the past asked us to shut down a few vendors that infringe to closely on the Robot's personality. There are a few of our clubs supported vendors that offer kits for some of the sub components of this robot. Kits like the Radar section, Power Pack and Claws. I'm actually one of these vendors and sell the steel treadsection that the robot sits on. I have them manufactured by a shop up in Minnesota and sell this treadsection to people wanting to build one. I sell these with accessories that include the decorative side panels, electrical outlet, upper knee plates and hinge pins. So I guess you could call this a kit. They are quite large, heavy and expensive. Over the past couple years I've sold about 20 sets. Even with the price being quite high I still sell these to builders all over the world quite regularly. It amazes me and after each sale I think it's going to be my last but the orders keep coming. There are a lot of people out there wanting to recapture some of the magic of their youth and make a childhood dream come true. 

Thanks for asking! 

Here's a picture of the treadsection I offer for sale:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
That’s not spam at all. Very informative:). This is what synthiam is about! I’m pretty happy to hear there’s such a following behind that robot. It’s even more impressive to see what you’re able to do with programming it. I’m in Beijing right now and spent some time with a pepper robot earlier today. I can’t explain how unimpressed I am with it when comparing to what you’ve all been able to achieve - without prior programming experience. Keep it up - looking forward to seeing more updates on this since it’s a build from practically zero!
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Thanks for the kind words DJ. I'm very humbled by what you just said. Truefully, you made this happen for me with your vision and hard work developing and marketing EZ Builder and the Version 4 EZB. I still can't program in any kind of computer language. LOL. With EZ Builder I never have to learn! 

Have a safe, productive trip and journey home.
OMG...that looks like a years project of fun ahead!!!:D
LOL @Mickey666Maus. I truly hope it doesn't take years or even a year. I want to get back to work on my own Lost IN Space B9 robot. I still don't the arms on my B9 working yet after my move don't to Florida late last year.
Looking forward to see you getting that poor thing to life!!:)