Resurrection - Another Full Sized Lost In Space B9 Robot coming to life

Dave Schulpius

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There is no EZ Robot control yet in this robot. However with the upgrades I'm planning for this robot, EZ Robot and the EZB are going to be center stage.

I was asked by a fellow Lost In Space and B9 Robot fan to help him rebuild his B9 Robot. He bought it a few years ago and was a bit overwhelmed in getting this poor old robot put together and working. I agreed to try to help and give it a try. I couldn't bring myself to see an old B9 Robot left to exist in boxes and never see the light of day again.

Hopefully this is the first of many videos documenting my journey rebuilding an old friend and a hero of my childhood.

Hopefully in a few months I can have him blinking, flashing and rattling off sound clips. Please enjoy this first of many video to come  where I first see what I have to work with as I unpack and discover. LOL.

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Thanks EzAug. It's funny. The concept is really the same for little and big robots. Get enough power safely to where it's needed and turn something on. Make it move, light up or send information. LOL
Will, thanks brother. Your silicone rubber arms will be gracing this robot. They will be the highlight that brings it all together and makes him look like the real deal.
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Hi builders, I just posted a short video I made of how I easily converted the Chest Dialights on this B9 Robot from the original hard to find screw in incandescent bulbs to Super Bright LED bulbs of the correct color.

As you know incandescent bulbs run hot and eat lots of current. LED's take a fraction of the power of conventional bulbs and run amazingly cool.

This is just a suggestion and required you to damage the Dialight socket. I know that is right up there with a religious sin among some of us. However you have to crack some eggs to make a cake. LOL. Enjoy!

Edit: I reshot the beginning of this video to explain more about why I needed to use 6.5vdc LED instead of 12vdc LED bulbs. 

Updated Video. Please see above post for link. 

If you are interested in any devices or parts in this video please see the write up below the video below the vid on YouTube here:

Thanks and enjoy.
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This video is a long one. Get the popcorn and enjoy!

LOL I'll be showing off Craig Reinbrecht's amazing new version of his chest button kit and how to assemble and finish it. It's a real "must have" for your full sized B9.

You can find these parts for sale on Craig's vendor page at The B9 Robot Builders Club. He may not have the Light Box or Opaque Acrylic Backer listed yet but contact him if you want to buy one of them. Here's the direct link to his page:

If your link does not work cut and past this one: