Resurrection - Another Full Sized Lost In Space B9 Robot coming to life

Dave Schulpius

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There is no control yet in this robot. However with the upgrades I'm planning for this robot, Synthiam ARC and the EZB are going to be center stage.

I was asked by a fellow Lost In Space and B9 Robot fan to help him rebuild his B9 Robot. He bought it a few years ago and was a bit overwhelmed in getting this poor old robot put together and working. I agreed to try to help and give it a try. I couldn't bring myself to see an old B9 Robot left to exist in boxes and never see the light of day again.

Hopefully this is the first of many videos documenting my journey rebuilding an old friend and a hero of my childhood.

Hopefully in a few months I can have him blinking, flashing and rattling off sound clips. Please enjoy this first of many video to come  where I first see what I have to work with as I unpack and discover. LOL.

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We gotta get you scheduling a live hack so we can join and watch you build this stuff. Thought of doing that?
Thanks for wanting an appearance from me. I'm honored. I'll give it some thought and see if I can find a section of this build that will be good for a live hack event.
Dave, question on your Sabertooth setup.  The boards you use for controlling the waist, do you have it set for Simplified Serial?  Can you provide a picture of the DIP Switch settings for both the Sabertooth and Kangaroo boards?
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Hi Dave! Yes, I'm using Simple Serial to send control commands. You need to set Dip Switch "1" on the Kangaroo to "On" to accept digital serial command. Here's a Pic of the manual:
User-inserted image

The other Dips on the Kangaroo depend on your setup:

User-inserted image

With a Kangaroo attached your Sabertooth's dips need to be set like this. Dip "1" and "2" are Off and "3,4,5,6" are ON:

User-inserted image

If I can help more just let me know.
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More progress on this B9 Robot from Lost In Space that I'm rebuilding for a friend up in NH. Things are getting fun and the robot is starting to come alive!

Here's how I use EZ Robot's EZB, Synthiam's Computer control Software ARC (formally ARC), relays and a micro switch to produce the famous Power Pack Pull Robot deactivation of the B9 robot from the 60's TV show Lost In Space. Follow along and have fun!

This video is my method of finishing and mounting the torso vents on this B9 Robot from the 60's TV show Lost In Space that I'm refitting for a B9 Robot fan from NH, USA. There are many ways to finish and install this part from super easy to super complicated. I try to find the middle road here by building smarter and not harder.

In the end my way worked pretty well for me and looks real good I think.
If you have any tips or methods you think are as good or better please let me know.

Here are some links to the parts I used: Torso Vents: Andre Svacha: Torso vent screening and Rails: Craig Reinbrecht: Everything else can be found at your local hardware store or on Amazon.
Enjoy !
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Here's more videos of the rebuild I'm doing for a fellow B9 Robot fan amd owner. In these 3 videos I show how I take the old non animated and broken collar and radar section and refit and rebuild it. I add a very nice Radar Animation Gear Kit, a motor and encoder to the radar that will enable it to rotate once I add a motor controller, power and hook it up to the EZB and ARC (Coming in the next video). Enjoy!
Part 1 of 3 URL: 

Part 2 of 3 URL: 

Part 3 of 3 URL:
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Hi Dave, I watched your videos, another great build of the B9 -  So precise, so meticulous.

Maybe one day if you get time, I would like to see a lesson on relays, the sabretooth and the kangaroo.

I can see you are always busy, not to highjack your room, but did you get a chance to see my new metal robot? As a beginner robot builder, I am always appreciative of your critique.

Anyway, as always, I say you are truly a robot builder.

be well my friend,

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Thanks @EzAng. I appreciate your kind words. This is a labor of love so it's really a lot of fun to do. It makes it worth while knowing some people enjoy it. 

I'll be setting up the Sabertooth/Kangaroo next to control the radar motor. I plan to video the process. I'll take the time to show the process from wiring to the auto tune to the control through ARC. This is the part I really enjoy. 

Your metal robot is a scream! I love it. You've done a good job designing it and making it functional. I bet you're real proud (and rightly so) and feel like it's a new little friend. 

Have fun!!
Thanks Dave, for your comments, I am trying

Happy you said "I'll be setting up the Sabertooth/Kangaroo next to control the radar motor. I plan to video the process."

I wait for that video, thanks again

Great work Dave, I always followed your thread...but never left a comment, since this is way out of my realm of robotics!! 
What you are doing is level up!!

Good to have you around!! Keep up the good work!!:)
So cool. Have a couple of B9 Fan Friends who would love to see this....
Thanks guys for all the nice comments. It's good to know you all are enjoying this refit as much as I am. 

I debating now on whether to continue to build upwards into the Bubble and brain or wire up this radar for movement and control. I may have to continue building before wiring. Being able to actually see the components  will help me plan and place the needed wiring and controllers needed. I think I'm going to try to place a lot of the controllers up in the brain and place a IoTiny up there also to control light patterns and the ear sensor motors. That way I will only need two wires going up through the Twisting radar for power. 

Stay tuned!
When is it time for the , as you said - "I'll be setting up the Sabertooth/Kangaroo next to control the radar motor." You  plan to video the process."

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@EzAng, I'll do my best to video and explain.

In the meantime I've already made a video of how to wire, power and autotune a setup controlled by the Sabertooth/Kangaroo. I did this a few years ago when I was building the the arm slide unit for my personal B9. I hope this helps:

That was fine, amazing hookup.

I thought you were going to do a tutorial on just the Sabertooth / Kangaroo -  I guess my error,

Dave that was great.  I was watching your video Robot gone wild and that was an excellent piece of engineering .  Impressive.
Hi Dave,
your last video was July 26, now it is August 10 2020

I feel like I am in suspense, lol 

A few of us here appreciate and enjoy your work, if you get time, please create another video, 


LOL, Thanks @ExAng! I really appreciate your very kind words and for you looking forward to seeing my work.  

I actually have one Video almost ready. I'm currently just about finished with the neck, brain and bubble section on this B9 Robot. The head is controlled by EZIoTiny. I'm just waiting on a few connectors to be delivered by Mouser. After they arrive I can mount the head onto the radar and power it all up. 

Hopefully by this weekend I can publish the video that shows this work. 

Again, thanks for your interest. It means a lot to me and keeps me motivated.