Resurrection - Another Full Sized Lost In Space B9 Robot coming to life

Dave Schulpius

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There is no EZ Robot control yet in this robot. However with the upgrades I'm planning for this robot, EZ Robot and the EZB are going to be center stage.

I was asked by a fellow Lost In Space and B9 Robot fan to help him rebuild his B9 Robot. He bought it a few years ago and was a bit overwhelmed in getting this poor old robot put together and working. I agreed to try to help and give it a try. I couldn't bring myself to see an old B9 Robot left to exist in boxes and never see the light of day again.

Hopefully this is the first of many videos documenting my journey rebuilding an old friend and a hero of my childhood.

Hopefully in a few months I can have him blinking, flashing and rattling off sound clips. Please enjoy this first of many video to come  where I first see what I have to work with as I unpack and discover. LOL.

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Dave, this is really awesome!  Thanks for showcasing the restore, I love getting to see the parts and how it goes together and what parts you are using.  How can I learn more about same wiring setup you use there with the AC, Battery or Battery Charge option, that sounds ideal!
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Thanks for the kind words Justin. Ya, this is really a fun project and I'm learning a lot. 

The multi power source is a really cool concept and it really works. You need to watch how much amperage you will be pulling through the circuits and size your relays, connections and wire according. The magic of switching between the different sources lays in energizing the relays through a three way switch. The relays are interconnected and react to each other. They are common 40 amp SPDT auto relays. I'll try to attach a PDF file with the schismatic with part numbers and wire sizes and colors. Keep in mind I'm controlling two wheelchair motors through this curcuit that pulls about 25 amps each in addition to a couple other smaller DC motors and servos and lights. My friend Bob Ross really did a great job on this. He's posted it on a couple forums so I'm sure he wont mind me sharing it here. 
B9 Power Distribution_B Ross.pdf
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As usual Dave, great video and restore, I really do have to admire your patience.

Didn't realize how many pin ball machines you actually had!!:)
Thanks cem. I appreciate your comments. 

Ya I have a few pinball tables. They are another interest of mine. I love to fix, repair and restore them. Probably more them playing them. Sadly when I moved down to Florida last year I had to sell 5 of my babies.
Great stuff, keep on Keeping on my friend