Resistance Is Futile 7 Of 9 Borg From Star Trek, My Recreation

Steve S


Yes, it is another Star Trek character, and she thinks, she is "Irresistible". I started this project last December and been sidetracked by another project and life. This is as far as it went, but thought I would share it. 7 uses a lightweight fiberglass body, a DIY eye with movement, a plasma disc, an EZ Robot camera, lotiny, micro servos, and Borg weathered mostly DIY hardware. Since this video, I applied a green film to the plasma disc, to create a more "Borg" look.

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That is amazing Steve! Such fantastic detail! Is the head a standard foam head? Where did you find the plasma disc? does she have a complete body too?


Wow, fantastic work, Steve! Loving all the detail you put into it, and that plasma disc looks too cool!


Justin, Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is a standard foam head. You have to first seal it with water based paint if you plan to use standard spay paint, or it will dissolve. I found the Plasma Disc on Amazon for a reasonable price of $15. Price has increased slightly.

Plasma Disc

The body form is not a full body. I plan to fabricate an arm for her left side, and a Borg weapon on the right. My plan is to utilize the Bosch motors on the arms, I acquired from Tony.

Sebediah, Thank you. I watched Borg videos on their hardware and implants, and tried to duplicate some of their movements, colors, and effects.


so freaky awesome robot.


Yes! That's so great!


I'll service 7 of 9 anytime she tells me to. LOL. ;) Nice work Steve.


Wow, respect. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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Brilliant Steve! I am a huge Voyager fan and Seven of Nine was a great character (looked good as well)!


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Nice work Steve, I love anything to do with the Borg, the Plasma Disc is very effective and looks great!


Nice work !


Thank You Patrick, Borg's are freaky, but Seven gets more attractive as the TV series goes on. Thanks DJ and Stiko for your feedback. Dave S, your comment had me laughing, thanks. Thanks Tony, I agree she was a great character on Voyager. cem, I also thought Borg were so interesting. Thank you Nink and PhG for your feedback.

When I resume working on Seven, I am thinking of trying a USB for a second WIFI to add another EZB. My router is old, and not sure about assigning addresses on it. I think I read it is possible to use 2 EZB's in Access Point Mode? I did the lotiny to give her the Borg look, wrapping the wires up to the unit, but need more servo outputs and ADC ports. I want to use the Bosch motors that I have, on the arms. I researched how people controlled the worm geared motors, and hardware they used. Using the ADC port, I had the built in potentiometer feed back working yesterday, but need hardware, and some experimenting. Thank you, Steve S


@Steve S: Nice Plasma add-on ! and the visual effect is great. What is the required voltage? is a power hog ?


I think I read it is possible to use 2 EZB's in Access Point Mode?

That means 2 different networks you will need to 2 wifi PC network cards/dongles.

You can setup one EZB in Access Point Mode and the second one in client mode connected to the first EZB access point's wireless network. Some tests are required.


ptp, Thank you for responding. It actually uses 2 AAA batteries, I opened it up. Online said AA, but not correct. I have 2 units, one is blue, both have original batteries. There is probably over two hours run time on Seven's unit. There is a 3 position switch, off, sound activation, steady on.

I was looking at this USB TP link dongle

TP link Dongle Maybe I could use my existing laptop WIFI card for one EZB and the dongle for the other? Steve S

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Have you had any trouble with the Plasma Disc on your Borg robot?

I've got one for my InMoov, but it didn't last long, first it would only come on for about 3 mins then it would go blank. Switch off and on again and it would do the same, eventually it stopped working altogether. I took it apart and it looks like the sealed step-up coil unit had burnt out.

I brought another one and this seems to do the same, stays on for about 3 mins then go blank. switch off and on again and it works for another 3+ mins.

I have a step down 3v DC to DC converter connected to one of InMoov batteries so its not as if Im applying to much voltage to the unit, I've even adjusted the DC to DC converter down to 2.8v just to see if it made any difference.



Hello CEM, I have not had an issue with my 2 plasma disc units stopping, powering them with the original internal 2 AAA battery arrangement. I did however try powering one of them with an external 3 volt power supply, wiring became hot, and I quickly abandoned the external power. The unit worked fine placing the AAA batteries back inside. Not sure why this happened? My application on Seven allows me to easily access the original power switch, and remove re-install the plasma disc if necessary. After seeing your post, I just tested both of my units for about 15 minutes using the internal AAA batteries, without issue. I can see the need for an alternative power source on some applications, maybe just an external on/off switch would work for you, because battery life is not bad. Maybe tomorrow I could test leaving the original switch in "sound mode" and adding an external switch. Steve S


Pretty fabulous. What is your plan with this one?

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Thanks for your update and testing.

I might revert back to using AAA batteries and mount the switch external to the plasma unit, somewhere on my InMoov. At the moment the switch isn’t accessible.

Cheers Chris.


sfoy, I have not seen you post for a while, great to hear from you. My plan was to fabricate an arm with those Bosch motors I acquired from Tony, but I have been sidetracked. Hoping to get back to her later.

CEM, I was able to simulate an on/off switch by installing a battery plastic pull tab insulator on the positive + side of the casing near the "ON" lettering, then installing a jumper on both sides. (SEE PICTURE) The plasma disc operated fine without the wires getting warm, with the original switch in the "ON or SOUND Modes" for over 10 minutes. I will probably install a small relay or something similar on Seven, to have EZ Robot control it. Steve S

User-inserted image



I get sidetracked too. That’s what has happened to me over the last few years. I recently unpacked all my robot stuff and have started on a new Omnibot.

I got into Star Trek with the next generation and loved the borg. Can’t wait to see.

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Reverted back to the 2x AAA batteries on the plasma unit and it works fine, had it on for about 15 mins and the plasma screen didn't go blank once.

I wondering if its noise on the 3v line, there shouldn't be as its going through a step down DC to DC converter and has plenty of smoothing on the 3v output! I might do some more testing.

Cheers Chris.

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Removed ?

I don’t understand