Rad 2.0 Mech Warrior #3 Air Soft And Nerf Missiles


Airsoft guns and electronic nerf darf launcher came in today! Well 2 of the airsoft guns there are two more coming.
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Each robot will have a front and back target panel which will register hits from airsoft and dart fire! Panel s are 4" x 4" and unobstructed by any kind if limbs or shields.
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The rad 2.0 arrived today! First thing I know I must mod is cutting out the cup holder. This is so I have room for a larger battery and additional electronics:)
Woohoo all 4 cyber airsoft electric automatic guns are here! They hold 1500 bbs for each hopper if one robot had 4 guns thats 6000 rounds without a reload:) I must check rules on this but if its not allowed I will keep 2 guns as spare parts.
Happy Birthday and I hope you can get it running smooth again!
Alright new mabuchi motors came in. Here is a side by side view. Just turning the shaft I could imagine these guys have tons more torque. Being a larger motor with lower rpm range I will most likely keep the rad base in high gear and there should not be any reason to use low gear with motors like this..
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The shaft does appear to be a little thicker but only by a hair. If I needed I could drill out the original pinions or maybe heat the tip of the shaft and slide the pinion on that way. Any suggestions?
Do you have any motors out of an omnibot base? I found those pinions are a good match and they will fit that shaft perfectly. I would be cautious about heating up the shaft. Drilling the others out may work, but my fear is the reason the one is slipping is because it is cracked (very hard to see) so drilling wouldn't help on that one.

Just my two cents.
Hey guys , I have been feeling better since that funk I had. Wow I was drained all the time! Well I found the kryptonite that was zapping my strength and I'm back at it;) while catching up in laundry I pulled out my air soft not and took the base off. After putting a little mad scientist together with a bit of my inner junkyard warrior I started cutting.... I also tighten the treads up by making the wheelbase longer.
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Before pic... Saggy flabby treads. Dang these guys need a gym membership.
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Here I compare the donor base and original. My challenge is I could not just cut it in half. There is a wheel and mount dead center and 5 wheels on each side..... I scratched my head a bit.. Pulled out a sharpie.. And started tracing around the mounts and wheel hub.
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Ta DA! OK I am not even close to done but I really held my breath on this one because millimeters matter for alignment of the parts .
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I used square dowels and some super glue to use as a temp brace to ensure the base doesn't shift while I'm filling the gap from the cuts.
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Once the dowels were firm I brushed in epoxy , about 2 ounces worth of permatex. I used masking tape to keep the epoxy from running through until it hardened enough to peel the tape off. I always found the tape comes off easy before it completely hardened while it is still having the exothermic curing reaction from the hardener.
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Woo baby . that tread fits on tight now! No more flabby slack like in the first pictures. I believe this will solve my derailment issue. All the motors are still stock but I do still have these huge motors I bought on eBay...
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I'm going to see how well this quad gearbox works with the original motors but I cannot help but wonder if I should upgrade all 4 to the monsters I have ;). That's all for tonight - Josh Starnes
Looks like loads of fun.
I hope it works like you want it to.
THat is a fantastic Frankenbotmod. I really like how you added the 2nd gearbox. It is going to be awesome!
This is why I bought the extra rad robots for parts. I may not even need to use the bigger motors with this 4wd track setup. I am going to be strapped for room so I am considering using a 3s 11.1v turnigly lipo for power and a step down converter for the 6v needed for the arm servos and guns.

@ Bret thanks man!
Great news! The two ezb for the mech warrior's and the replacement chip for my older ezb arrived today! I believe from now on I'll start wearing a static strap which I usually don't do.
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Hey I stopped when I moved seems like it takes a month to unpack everything! Parts and tools are in different boxes from moving. The body is near done I just need to mount EZB , wire the two servos and one 6v trigger for the air soft guns. Then lastly I need to mount a battery somewhere. Its pretty close ;). I will see if I can spend some time on it this evening.
OK now that I'm moved and makerfaire approaching its time to mount a battery and start wiring the ezb. I picked up headphone jacks and headphone plugs to make a custom charger plug for the robots. This way they can charge between battles and demonstrations. Here's the parts I picked up to finish the wiring.
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On the to do list today
- mount a 6 volt battery
- wire the two gun arm servos together so they move in sync.
-wire a tip 120 to power the air soft gun motors to fire
-screw the arms on the shoulder servos
- wire in the second set of motors for more torque at 6 volts.
- wire camera to turn on with ezb
- wire the charge port and toggle switch in the base.
Alright since my brothers robot is close to testing full function I started back on mine. I used a dremel to carefully cut the battery box area out of the air soft gun to expose the back of the drive motor for the compression chamber. This is where we connect the power which triggers the guns to fire. Also I must mount the battery and ezb somewhere. We have two days but we are still on schedule to have things show ready on Friday. Here's the gamepads I'm picking up from best buy..
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Nice! Josh I wish you all the best of luck. I only wish Gunslinger Bob was there to do battle with you. We will meet in the future....mua ha ha
Thanks Bret, we are working to make sure this will be a interesting booth. So did you ever get Bob to the point he could shoot and stuff?
Not yet, he's been packed for over two months now. I am hoping to get him unpacked this weekend and start working on him by next weekend (gotta set up my robot room first).
Oh wow I didn't know you built a rad back in 2013, Mine got stolen i was using as a paranormal robot it had emf detectors,movement detectors and Xbox kinect cam vision.Miss that one.easy to find on eBay and so easy to hack,stock motors are powerful enough to climb hills in the grass outside!