Anyone Interested In Seeing Some Pictures And Review Write Up On The Xlr-1 V2 Ro



Anyone interested in seeing some pictures and review write up on the XLR-1 v2 Robot? If so I can post a lot pictures and let the public know my thoughts on the parts. Due to health issues, it may be a while before putting it together. No instructions, so the kids didn't want to try.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Is there an easy way on this forum to rotate the posted pictures?

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The HP Stream fit pretty nicely, just maybe add some foam around the bottom to make it a tighter fit, but you did a good job on that modification. I may drill a hole so a power cable or USB OTG cable can fit back in the main body for extra items to HP Stream, maybe wireless keyboard and/or battery.

I anxiously wait for the few videos on how things should go together.


@Anthony, any updates on the instructions and videos on how things should be put together?


Is there anyone else in the forums that has one of the XLR-1 Robots?