Ok Guys Wet And Dry Vac For Robot Start With



old wet dry vac i had motor had went out kept the shell for something some day i found EZB- building ahead of time ,ordering the kit after Christmas . cant wait its going be good one shell to start with the build .
thanks cory

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I can't wait to see what you do with that.


Will call him MR GENIE he has his name on it. Already, stay tune lol cory


Hello! Welcome to EZ Robot. We love to see projects here. What are your plans? -Josh S


:D build robot ill post pic of head.Thats i have already completed it ..on sunday ;)


On Sunday! I do not think you understand how impatient we are;)


oh its not going to do any cleaning lol .. its for fun to show off to family,and friends ;)


ill do my best to post a pic let me put together on it lol...:D cory


Lmao ok so your taking a vacuum and making it a robot to entertain and I build robots that were meant to entertain and make them vacuum! Yup everything happens here on this forum:) I look forward to seeing it.


:D haha that why also build talking halloween skulls thats entertainment....totally diffrent platform


yep casted my plastic wheels .direct to hub to servo mounted under side


i had two soup can for free and pick up 2 flash light at dollar store removed the light center and some black paint add clear vinyl tubing around center super vinyl tubing the center of light reflector press in the can and i remove them and time nice tight fit i may put the cam in one eye also . theres three led lights in back of can it makes eye ring glow the cost of it was pretty cheap . oh hood was a left over piece of galvanize from my duck work and trim it out black flex able tubing hot glue on . iam work on arms designs for later down the road ..ill be ordering the ez b kit soon my not get in this year jan ill have :D hppy holidays to you all..cory


I absolutely love all of the re-purposing, that's robotics at its best. And I am all about cheap. Merry Christmas!


you too merry christmas


had a question for someone . i have windows XP is there anything in EZ-B software that will not work with it..... confused

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I've read either Voice Recognition or Voice Synthesis doesn't but also read that it's fine. (Let us know).

Other than that everything is confirmed to work fine.

Are you asking for any specific reason?


Its voice recognition that doesn't work on xp.


just asking because i thought i had read something on something didnt work .but if i ask to turn or something will that work for now basic commands . eek


That is a really nice bot. He reminds me of Loki.


haha, oh you seen loki too . iam thinking it was 6 gallon before the float ball cut of vac :D


i get my kit Sat afternoon...it should be fun build this winter..:D


oh got an issue with bluetooth i had it set ok but the lite on ezboard is not working no more stress


Remove the double sided tape and remove tge Bluetooth , then plug it back in without the tape , be sure to press it all the way in. Let us know if that fixes it for ya.