Super Six Hexapod

DJ Sures

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You may have seen this video of a real large ez-robot hexapod...

That is a robot i built over the summer at my cabin with a 3d printer for the Intel IDF16 conference in San Francisco. It was meant to be powered by an Intel Joule, but I threw an EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller in there instead:D

For those interested in making their own, the servos were the costly part. The servos i used were very heavy duty: CYS Digital S8218 servos. Which are 38kg/cm at 7.4v! They're incredibly large as well, at 59.5cm x 29.0 cm x 55.2 cm.

Here's the STL files to 3d print your own:
- Foot.STL
- HexapodBodyBatteryCover.STL
- Hexapod Body Bottom.STL
- Hexapod Body Top.STL
- Hexapod Dome.STL
- L Bracket.STL
- U Bracket.STL

You can see the difference in size compared to the regular Six Hexapod

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User-inserted image

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