New robot 6/17/2020


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Rush video - I am using ARC software with 3 iotinys controller, 3 EZ-ROBOT 1300 lithium batteries for the four Ez 360 HDD servos for the two arms, two 996R servos for the grippers, 2 DFRobot rotation hex bases for head movement and body movements. with 2 EZ-robot servos HDD, 2 RGB for the eyes - EZ-Robot HDD servo and moving camera  - still need a mouth

from servo City:
4 gearboxes , channels, parts, extensions, Prowler Robot Kit (wheels, 4 motors, h-bridge pwm motor controller

 User-inserted image

Video will be coming of all movements

Here is a sample video


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Oh nice. I like how the prowler kit was installed. Love the servocity hardware, just makes for an awesome machine.
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Thanks RoboHappy,

Yes, servo city has the items to build any robot, the Actobotics parts are awesome.

Actobotics Attachment Ideas

I would like some moving mouth or perhaps lights that flash when a sound occurs, any Ideas?

I quit showing robots that looks sort of like a human face, I found out many people do not like that and think it is creepy.

I will make a video today I hope...

I do like the flashing lights with audio idea too. The moving mouth is still a good idea to still(with that special servo control right?) Im sorta looking at doing something like it with Hemi maybe.
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I like the moving mouth as it gives more interest and is not that difficult.  I asked about having the lights flash with the voice and Will is using a voice circuit like scary terry.  and so is Dave on his B9 Robot.  I already have a scarry terry board but it is just so much more wires just to make the lights flash.  the mouth does not have to open this one is just 4 micro servos and some surgical tubing.  you just use a Disney mouth position chart to make the lips move correctly  User-inserted image
I don’t mean to hi-jack EzAng thread.

@nallycat, is that the ERNE4.1 robot head?
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Nallycat, when I get time, I will try the micro servos and some tubing, looks promising, I know how to run the ARC talk servo control pretty well as I did on my Roman Head robot. 
Good thought!, thanks

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@merne  Yes that is ERNE4.1 robot head.  EzAng can use the mouth idea.
I forget to say there is an app for erne4.1 robot head in Synthiam,  I have not tried theis app so I am not sure it works but EzAng may want to try it.  The files to print are on thingiverse.
Yes, I am trying it now, the the micro servos and some tubing, works good

Sample video in a rush - needs perfecting - mouth - next week

Vey nice. The prowler wheels on it now. Cant wait to see more.
This coming week, I will not rush, I will have a better video  - I should have the mouth moving

Thanks for all your support RoboHappy, have a great week end.

hi RoboHappy, this week I did not get a lot of robot things done, had to go to our country property and bush hog some property and other things.

Should be back to city life on Sunday or Monday. I will "start again" with my pursuit of learning robot activities.

Have a great week end, 


Thats cool. I myself have been a little stalled too. Had to replace the Elbow servo in HEMI's left arm , cause I burned it out when it got stuck  against the robots body while programming different Auto Positions. Even had to replace the SSC32, which also as toast from that servo. Expensive weekend it was.
Im still having some control issues with my Sabertooth that I dont like, so I may look at my Roboclaw again just to prove out an issue.
Monday for me is "a good day to start again", 

Best of luck with your projects,

Hi RoboHappy,

Well Monday is here, just leaving my country living, heading back to city life

By tonight, I should be thinks about robot activities again -   :-)

HAha. sounds good. Get back to buildingxD Im still diagnsong a drive control issue, with the Sabertooth and a Roboclaw. Been awhile since Ive programmed gaits too so am relearning that now.
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Wow, this week went fast, back at the country/ farm land again.

Hard to get too robot activities when there is so many other things to do here.

Have a nice, safe 4th of July.

Be hope to back Sunday afternoon 

RoboHappy, hope are your projects going?