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Good evening. Well i been printing myself off a new robot based on six. Its going awesome far as i can tell. but im having troubles connecting the v3 board to my computers over bluetooth even though my tablet connects rite up and stays connected. Turned off the firewall and tried every trick i could think up but its been no good. Anyone else have problems or suggestions for connecting windows 7 or windows 8.1 over bluetooth? or can i calibrate the servos with a tablet? ya know set them all to 90 degrees?

Thanks Ron

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

P.S. Im still printing some cool parts off so its not finished. The plastic cover is a cd case lid and its going to get a camera inside that hopefully. It will also get some fancy doodads ontop the lid im sure. I plan to sling the battery underneath have some velcro straps under there already.

Thanks again

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The "Set All Ports Servos To 90 Degree" option is only on the V4 through the web based config/diagnostics page. The V3 doesn't have this page.

In order to calibrate servos for the V3 you would need to connect the V3 to ARC and run a script (or similar) to set all ports to 90.

Are you attempting to connect correctly? The V3 is very different to the V4 in that respect.

First pair the V3 and PC Then open ARC Select the COM port for the V3 Bluetooth in the drop down box of the connection control Click connect If there are any problems with the connection the debug will catch them. If this is the case copy and paste the errors here.


Thanks Rich.. The broblem im having connecting is the computer pairs with ezb then drops off and says not connected. Also the led on the ezb never turns solid it stays flashing like its not paired like the computer is telling me.

I can't remember ever having this much trouble before it always worked great.


@Brw_racing have you reviewed the EZbv3 Diagnostic video?

After the voltage check, it shows how to pair the Bluetooth EZbv3s. Your robot is looking awesome, BTW!


I did watch the video but what gets me is the tablet pairs and everything works fine... the laptops wont pair at all and the ezb does not act like its paired with them either. the leds stay blinking the whole time. Im just happy the tablet connects thats a plus i guess.

Thanks.. It sure looks better with the dome lid on it.... I was worried when i started the body that it looked like a walking ash tray :-)


I'd give the entire diagnostic video another once over and perform the voltage checks. When I have had issues, going through the steps (even if I have to repeat them) has always resolved my issues.


I personally think its a problem with windows 8.1 i just tried pairing my phone and it does much the same thing. Computer says its paired then drops the connection.

I think windows 8.1 is a joke. Makes vista seem decent.


Windows 8.1 works flawless for me... I have 3 PCs running Win 8.1 (Laptop, Desktop and tablet). All have no trouble connecting and staying connected to my old Bluetooth ezb3....

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What does the debug in ARC say when the connection drops?


I can never get that far rich. The ezb board never does actually connect with the laptop like the computer is saying. the led's never stop flashing and 5 seconds after the computer shows its paired it shows its disconnected.


Pairing with windows and connecting to ARC are two different things... You only pair once... So when you say it drops connection 5 seconds after pairing... do you mean pairing with Windows or when you try and connect within ARC (on a com port)? The led won't stop flashing until connected to ARC, not when you are pairing with windows....


Unless you are Sean Connery as 007 then....."You Only Pair Twice" :P

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From my earlier post...


First pair the V3 and PC Then open ARC Select the COM port for the V3 Bluetooth in the drop down box of the connection control Click connect If there are any problems with the connection the debug will catch them. If this is the case copy and paste the errors here.

As Richard R has said, pairing and connecting are two different things. It sounds like you are not connecting. If you are, debug will give you info on why it failed, paste that here.


I think i figured it out..... this time ARC said it required a firmware upgrade (never said that before) so im upgrading now.

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If it's reported that then it will have made a connection to the EZ-B and your problem should be solved.:)


I got it to connect and after ARC found it and told me of the firmware update it needed. after the updated firmware loaded up it connects fine now every time.

Now i can wire up the servos and start playing.

I did find something that was sort of confusing in the building instruction tutorials. When you change the view its all messed up. The top view is called front the bottom view is rear and vice verse top view is looking at the right and bottom is looking at the left


You are sure to have followed this tutorial?

Windows may report the Bluetooth connection as "disconnected" - but that is because you haven't connected in ARC yet.

Once you pair the EZ-B to the computer, load ARC, select the COM port and press the CONNECT button.


Its all good now DJ.

Windows was saying that it paired with the bluetooth module on the board but ARC connection panel would not show any com ports open.... it only had the ip addresses listed. I had tried manually typing the com 3 and nothing. com 4 and nothing.. so i would re pair the bluetooth over and over and i even re installed all the bluetooth drivers for the computer. Finally that last time windows opened up the com ports and ARC saw the coms and told me it needed new firmware and it has worked fine sense then.


brw-racing, I like the looks of your new robot.
It sounds like you have things going now? Sometimes I have to re-boot pc after updates. Sometimes lately it might take several attempts to connect to EZB3s. Looking forward to any updates on your new robot.. Steve S


Thanks Steve Its all going now. It looks really awesome in person much better than the photo's iv posted. I like the clear plastic dome the best... Without it looked like a six legged walking ashtray :-)