Luxor Cab as seen in Back to the Future 2 - Animatronic


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The Luxor Cab as seen in BTTF2, based on a NOREV 1/18 Citroen Pallas scale model. The model has landing gears driven by servo motors and integrated LED’s. To do get things as 'screen accurate' as possible , I used screen images and footage from the original hero car.
Starting from a 3d scan from the Norev model, drawn in CAD and 3D printed (SLA, FDM, Polyjet). Finished with spray paint and custom made decals.
To figure out the animation of the 4 servo's and the LEDs I used the EZ builder on a pc. The mobile ez-buider app also works great on this model.

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That's amazing! Well done! My wife and I are Back to the future fans. My favorite is II so I really appreciate this scale model you built:D
this is so crazy awesome.wel for sure the future is among us.
Thanks for the response! Bttf 2 skyway signs are coming up..User-inserted image

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That's awesome that you are making the Skyway signs too! My wife reminded me that she created the Hill Valley sign if you're interested, she has the printable (3D and paper print) files on her blog, she made all of them from scratch. She also designed the paper print files for the hover board designs. She's a huge BTTF fan and has put a ton of work into her projects.
Oh I forgot to mention that I helped her out with her BTTF projects. Really I should get her to help me with my projects as she writes really good blog posts:D

Here's a picture of the sign:

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Hi Jeremie,
I have seen the blog of your wife I think a few years ago, that Hill Valley skyway sign sure looks great! I downloaded the PDF from the blog, the graphics look nice and accurate. This file will save me from retracing vectors when I make my version. Planning an LED lit up model of the sign. First I will make a series of the small light sign, think these could look nice in a row next to the Taxi (like in the skyway scene in BTTF2)

When I was finishing my skyway signs this week the Blog of your wife crossed my mind again, was planning to leave a picture of the pieces I had just finished. But as it seems we found each others work here on synthiam! Nice to meet Back to the future fans who have a talent for making :-) 

I have also seen that you guys also made the hover boards, nice work.. did you make any other prop's or replica's from BTTF?
@Buratino We did make some back to the future costumes as well. Martha made Spike and I made Data, both from Griff's Gang. Martha's costume turned out awesome but mine wasn't that good. I made Data's chest plate interactive with a phone running ARC mobile that could play the sounds (including the famous chicken sound) through an amplified speaker. Otherwise, that's all the props we've made so far.

Thanks for the link to your site, Martha and I checked it out and it looks great! Keep up the amazing work!
#9 been holding out on us...your wife is super talented just like her husband...great team!
@Jeremie I Checked the costumes you guys built, great stuff.. Back to the future 2 I found such a great movie for prop replica/scale modeling projects!
The mobile ARC I find a great feature. I was looking around if there was a way to run scripts on the ARC without a phone or computer connected.. any idea?
Thanks @Buratino!

Yeah BTTF2 was the best:)

As for running an EZ-B without a phone or computer, it’s not possible, but you can use a small SBC (Single board computer) such as a Latte Panda or Raspberry Pi to do both (computer + EZ-B in one).
Do you have any experience running ARC on a Raspberry? Did that work good? Could be a nice solution to run a ARC without a phone or PC connected..
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I have a bit of experience running ARC on a Raspberry Pi, there are some features that aren't supported yet but in general it works pretty good!

Check out the tutorial!