My First Robot


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Hello guys! The moment i saw the possibilities of the EZ Board, I knew that my robot can finally come alive!

I have no prior coding experiance. Hence the EZ B will be my stepping stone.

I am building a Tactile Unmanned General Purpose Vehicle which will include a Robotic Arm, Several Sensors and servo Driven Wheels. This project was actually a 6 legged 2DOF Hexapod using an Arduino and a servo Shield but I was simply inexperienced in Coding in C++. Hence the project halted. Now with couple of modifications and ideas, This project became alive and i am waiting for my EZ-B kit to arrive to make it fully functional.

But for the time being, Here are some pictures to show you my Cyborg.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing TALON ONE!

User-inserted image

The Boom is actually the thigh of the Hexapod

User-inserted image

More images will come as soon as i get back home. Till now you may start commenting!

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Very cool! How many servos will you have?
4servos for track or 6 wheel set.
6 for the arm.
2 for camera/ping sensors
2 more for side stand incase of heavy loads.
Altogether 14 Servos
Here are more pictures and Modifications:D

User-inserted image

The Turrets are attached for tuning of the Arms. Servos has been modified to do a 360 degrees.

User-inserted image

Took off a Toy racing car's rear wheels with gears and used it as a Turret Turning Device. Works wells as the weight is totally off the Servos:) The only problem is i still do not know where to stuff my wires in.

User-inserted image

Talon One gets his Claws! from spark fun. Not bad for a cheap robotic claws.

User-inserted image

The Claw trying to munch on my desk.

Sigh i am still waiting for my EZ B. The status of my order is still the same "NEW ORDER". I cant wait for my toy to arrive. I am sure this is going to be super awesome!

More progressive updates coming soon!
Awesome looking arm you have! Did you build it from a kit or from scratch? Looking forward to more on Talon One!


The Arm is from my previous Hexapod Project using Arduino. I was really bad at coding and so i decided to make into a Mars Explorer Kinda Automaton. Hence the Arms are actually parts of the Femur and Tibia.
Talon Gets Tamiya Track Set:

Woo hoo!

Tamiya Track Set Wheels with modified Servos

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Still waiting for my Ez B to arrive:(
Wicked! Reminds me of the old half tracks from WWII.
Really Cool Bot you have there. Would love to see it in action at some point!
Ill Put it into action as soon as my EZ B arrives!
Ladies and Gentlemen... EZ B is in da housz!!! Stay tuned for more updates on Talon one! I am sure you guys will love it!
Cool man ! Really cool robot ! Great idea. Anyway keep us informed this is realy interesting. Best regards,
Can you upload a video???' :)!! good job!!
@kkeast , that's a audrino claw runs on a regular rc servo. On eBay they go for around 30 I saw just now
epic, i'm twelve and just getting into robotics and renewable crystal energy. GREAT ROBOT!