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The robot I am starting to build is scratch built think. My idea is its going to be a platform to expand and experiment on.

My idea is a roaming guard unit, cat pisser offer, companion (get info off the net with voice commands) remote presence, and or helping hand like transporting something from room to room ie laundry.

The picture is just the base to start with.
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Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you too bud.
LoL @ the cat function..... it really needs to have a laser pointer on a pan and tilt....
Here is an updated of 626 I got the drive units on, the hb25's mounted with the EZ-B and some other parts. It doesn't look pretty. But I'm of more function over form to start with.
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What fun! It's going to be a nice layout. So far so good.
where did you get your drive system (wheels, motors, mounts, etc) from? they look perfect for a project i am planning :D

thank you
@robot56 I got the drive system from Parallax the mount and wheel kit # 27971 and the two HB25's part # 910-29144

I was trying to figure out my own drive system but I found that this one will do and it was eaier for my first bot to do it this way this time. The down side is that it was pricey.$300.
wow that is rather expensive... they look perfect though
South Africa
When it is done you can enter a competition with it and make the money back