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I adopted Mini B from Bret Tallent. The original project showcase is here: Here is the original build process:

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Mini B arrived at his new home on 1-23-2014. He was packed very well, but did encounter some "issues" in shipping, mostly to his head/neck. The head broke off from the neck, the servo neck connector broke, some of the wires in the head broke and the camera board broke. The right arm is messed up too, but that was an issue that came up before shipping.

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When you take over a robot built by someone else there a lot of questions that come up and the biggest first question I had was "where's the on switch"? There was no visible switch that I could find. After talking to Bret he explained the switch is on the lower back side and it is using the original RAD power switch in the base. The robot is everything I thought it would be and more. It's a beautiful robot that Bret built and I'm looking forward to continue to develop it.

At the top of my to do this for this robot is:
fix the top part of the head
replace the camera (the original camera cannot be fixed as the circuit traces were pulled off the PCB)
fix the neck servo
modify the neck (I want to make a bracket system so the head can be unscrewed and totally removed)
fix the right arm

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@Justin awesome looking B9! Looking forward to more updates!
I am really bummed about that head, but it sounds like you are going to make some needed improvements. I will get that other camera out to you this week and it should be able to plug right in (wired the same way and all). I am so happy he found a good home.
I look forward to seeing this guy nursed back into shape:)
I was working on the head today and I figured out what caused all the damage. I was looking back at the original build thread and the black neck connecting the top bubble to the lower bubble got pushed down. When that happened the camera board snapped, the LED flashy light wires broke and the neck servo arm snapped. The box had plenty of room and was well marked "This End Up". But I bet someone stood him on his head. *stress*

That's Robot Abuse I tell Ya!
Justin, the same thing happened to my neck piece in shipping. I did not turn it in. :(
That is fantastic Justin! By the way, I did use two servos in each arm tied in parallel to get that range of motion. I used a Y connector. So you should be able to get identical movement once you replace that one servo (the screw in the servo horn broke off in it.) I'll be mailing your parts this weekend. Also, the two PIR sensors at the knee joints go into a single port. The servos are powered with 6V from a step down voltage regulator, and only the signal wire from each goes into the EZ-B - so some of those connectors have several signal wires tied to them.
@Justin Well done update video! Bret, I am sure your glad the mini B went to a good home! It will be cool to see this little guy move!
<< I did use two servos in each arm tied in parallel to get that range of motion.
Yup, sure enough. The end servo was so stiff it didn't really move and I didn't want to roll the sleeve down too far on the good arm, but I do see that now.

<< (the screw in the servo horn broke off in it.)
LOL! That makes so much more sense now! :D The hole is so tiny I could not tell, I was starting to think maybe some epoxy got in there.

Thank you Bret for all your help! I really appreciate it. Mini B is a great robot.
Hope to see him running around soon!
This is one very cool project. I am buying a mini b of my own and want to modify him. I know he is a rare collectible but adding functionality should hold its value.
I collect a specific toy line but there are some overall generalizations that apply to all collectible toys. Maybe even to all collectibles. So here's what I can tell you.

Bad News: It will destroy it's value as a collectible to most "collectors" of things like that. Modifying it in any way, shape, or form, will deface it in the collectible market. For example, Jared, from the show "Toy Hunter" wouldn't buy it for his business.

Another example of this would be firearms. An old beat up gun is usually worth more than a restored or refinished one. It's all about it's original state.

Good News: Turning it into a super cool, very playable, mini b 9 toy will probably increase it's value to everyone else. For example, Jared, wouldn't buy it for his business but there's a good chance that he might buy it for himself just because it would be awesome.

To continue the firearm example, that beat up junker probably won't sell quick but the restored one will. It's cheaper and looks nicer.

Love the screen capture of the old Droids cartoon BTW.:)
It's your toy. Do with it what you want as long it gives you pleasure.
Dave... LOL... I think you need to re-read your last post... It's definitely open for interpretation.... :D
@Richard R- LOL! I currently work at a place that distributes the items I think you may be hinting at. I think Dave's quote would work out quite well on the packaging of some of those items.

I did interview for a tech support job today. Things went well so, I hope to not be at the adult product warehouse for much longer.:)
The above comments made the c3po in my avatar blush 80

I think a one of a kind modded toy with ez b tech would have broad appeal and sell as well as a mint toy.
@Antron007... Hey a jobs a job, so you got my respect... My dad called any job "an opportunity".... I have done my share of "those" jobs... I made it to where I am today (pretty ok in life) because I treated every job I had the same... I gave it my best, and when it was time to move on, I did... Good luck, hope you get the new job....:)
Thanks RR. The only thing I don't like about my current job is the pay check. I'm of the opinion that even if your job is a crappy job, you shouldn't do a crappy job at it. To paraphrase the movie Vanilla Sky, the sweet wouldn't be as sweet without the sour.;)

@4R2D33700- Don't get me wrong, it will have a broad appeal and sell, if you were to sell it but, "mint" to collectors has a very clear definition. I only brought it up because you had mentioned collectibles so, I figured I'd give you the scoop from a collectors POV.

I'm not trying to discourage you or ruffle your feathers but, if you present a modded toy to a "true collector" as mint, you might even get an insulting response. If it's not in it's sealed, original packaging then, it's no longer "mint". (That's assuming it originally came in some sort of packaging.) "True collectors" can have an elitist mentality when it comes to those things. I've had some encounters with people like that and, that's why I do not consider myself one of them.

All that being said, I would love to see what you can do with your mini b.;)
Yes my b9 is being shipped to me right now Mint in the box never opened from 1997 I'm still going to open it
Maybe I'll do in on boxing video from YouTube lol
I'm the same way. I have over 350 Transformers and the only ones not opened are just ones I haven't got to opening yet. There's not many coming out this year that I want (while they did keep a line of them directed to older collectors like myself, Hasbro decided to seriously simplify the rest of their Transformers lines and I, for one, am just not feeling them) so, maybe I'll catch up and get some more of them onto the collection shelves. I bought them to play with as well as display.

Here's a little over 100 of them::)
User-inserted image

If you do make a vid, post it, please. I'd be interested in reading the comments. I'm sure there will be at least one that goes something like, "Nooooooooooooooooooo! Why did you do it?"
LoL I always have to do my part to subtly troll people on YouTube
Wait a minute. Did I say something that was funny and I didn't even know it? *confused* *eek*;)

Anyway, what ever you do, just have fun with it. :P
@Antron007 Who is the dude with the wheels on the his shoulders in-between the giant white guy that I think is Metroplex and the collection of bumble-bees on the top shelf. Is that Wreck-Gar?
@justin. yes the big guy is metroplex. (who I'd like to get a 2nd one of and ezb it. lots of room for servos in that big guy.) The one you're asking about is Sandstorm. Wreck-Gar didn't make the pic. (He's on the bottom shelf with the other Classics Deluxe class bots.)
No gonna lie - little jealous of your Transformer collection there! And oh my goodness, an EZ-Robot-ifed Metroplex! That would be wild! Especially if it could transform from base to robot.
What makes me sad is an action figure with 2000 moveable joints to pose it and it gets left in a box so it is worth something.
Destroy all boxes!
Let the action figure out.
I do save the boxes and everything, but what good is it to me in a box?
I don't want to sell it ever anyway!
My mini B-9 is waiting for his own EZ-Robot makeover.
I want him to look as much like the real B-9, not worried about him looking like the toy.
As far as what he will be worth, I wouldn't sell him ever!
I wish that animated Lost In Space could have gotten a green light!
It looks really cool.
I agree. I have moved 10 times in my life so I find packaging just gets damaged and stuff takes more room in the box. I also like to display my collection.
@mcsdaver- I too save all my boxes, packaging, ect. I even have most of the twist ties because I spent the time to carefully untie them instead of just cutting them. I've perfected the art of opening clam shell packaging so that the shells stays attached to the cards. I even have about 75%-80% of the receipts from when I bought them.

I used to have a small storage unit for all of it but now that we've bought/are buying a house they occupy quite a bit of space in my attic. And my basement. And my garage.:)

@Justin- Thank you, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little proud of it. As far as an EZ-Plex, I've kinda got it planned out to transform from battle station or city (haven't really decided which yet) to robot and back. My only crutch is the lower legs and feet. The most intricate and detailed parts of the transformation are down there. The rest of it would be a pretty strait forward mix and match of micro, standard and heavy duty servos if I keep it as simple as possible. I'd also like to make him walk even if it's just hip shifting/upper leg pivot 2 DOF style walking.