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My robot friend aRTi began from about 20lbs of PLA. aRTi is a work in progress. I built aRTi to learn. There is a future in AI and robotics and I want to be a part of it.

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Hello! Welcome.  This is the place to be for robotics.  Nice looking Inmoov,  you'll find lots here.  You've spent a bit time post processing the face.  

Can you share what you used for the eyes?  They look great.
Thanks for the link. I didn't know you could buy them like that. T-one may be getting some new peepers.
Looks great and a nice tip on the eyes.
I think your inmoov eyes look cool, There is quite a few inmoov builders on Synthiam,  if you ever need advice you will not have to look far. welcome aboard.
United Kingdom
Your build looks good, and nice eyes!
I see you have a way to go the complete your InMoov, enjoy.
Have you or are you going to use the EZ-B controllers, there are a couple of folks on the forum that have converted over from the original Arduino build and never looked back. Programming your InMoov with the ARC s/w is so easy!