Ai Dino Robot


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I am taking a toy robot dinosaur and making a smart robotic pet with an EZ B for his brain.
The dino is all kinds of cool for a while and then you want it to do more.
With EZ B inside this walking robot dino will do much more than the toy.
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I need to get the leg motors working and replace the old brain for a new EZ Robot brain.

One of these dinos will get an EZ Robot board!
LOL! That's so cute! Thanks, now I gotta get one. *tired*:P
They can even turn left or right. They walk very well.
It's going to look and move great once finished, awesome project. ;)
Yes, they are fun to play with, but limited too much.
I am giving one an EZ Robot brain so it can talk and see as well as play games.
Few robots can walk on grass.
These are heavy and short with large feet. lol