Motion Activated Camera Pause Toggle

Kenny Storm


So, as I'm waiting for robot parts to arrive, I've been goofin around with ARC. I just wanted to try this to see if it would work. In the Camera tracking scripts, I used ControlCommand("Camera", CameraRecordPauseOn) and ControlCommand("Camera", CameraRacordPauseOff) to toggle camera recording based on whether or not the camera saw motion. I have the script set to 5 frames before Script execution. 5 frames of motion, the camera rolls. 5 frames of lost tracking, the camera pauses. What made me laugh is what the camera picked up. While my girl and I were in the other room watching a movie, my a-hole dog got caught in the act of downing all the cat food. Yay. DJ, this software rocks.:D

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HAHA That's really funny! Good idea with the motion detection for recording, that works fantastic:D

PS, you're welcome and thank you:)


Haha... now you need to make collar tags with glyphs on them so that when the dog's glyph comes into view the computer says "Bad Dog, go to your bed":D