Lumpy's Robosapien



I was motivated tonight so I decided to EZ-B my Robosapien.

Took about 20min total.

He's up and running via Wii remote.

I'm running the EZ-B on an external battery for now because the Robosapien batts were low and need replacing.

Added a fricken laser beam for giggles.

My plan is to build a box around the EZ-B board and dress it up to look like a jet pack.

I'll add a camera down the road.

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And to think I'm leaving my Robosapien for when I have no motivation, funny how that works:)

LAZORZ, pew pew pew:) A nice touch.


WOW nice job so far LUMPY ,i have 8 of them and one it a rare blue one

I have a roborad PROJECT going on .like one done by BRET only some changes and using a bigger robosapien V2 and making 2 of them,

my robosapien v2 project


what is the external battery voltage that you are using


I use a 12V SLA battery in my RAD base and a step down buck transformer to get the voltage I need for Robosapien.


I'm running the original batteries in the feet and a 7.4v (500mAH) for the EZ-B.

My foot batteries were low and my EZ-B power kept dropping out.

I'll probably tap in and feed it some LiPo down the road.


My designs is same as BRET'S 12volt in a rad base,one is a party robot other is a party server.


Hi fellas. I have a RS V2 on the bench for wiring harness repair and all was going well until I ruined the 7 pin white connector that attaches to the harness for the right leg. Would you happen to know where I can buy one of those 7 pin connectors? I'm having a difficult time finding one. My last resort will be to solder the attachment pins to the wires and connect them individually without using a connector and that's far from ideal.



rowdyjoe you can find a 6 pin on take two off them.get the wires out and put the wires in the old connector. only the 6 and 4 pin are to get. 6 pin

take a needle and lift the lip up,chently ,pull a little on the wire so you see the backside come out a little. when you see the backside come out,then take the needle out first and pull the wire further out. put the new one in.pull chently on the wire .to see if the wire is fully place and dont come out. when its come out puch on the white lip till it stays in place.


Nomad, Thanks again. The videos help a lot. I may have found the 7 pin connector I need but, still trying to verify that it is the correct size. I read an article that called the connector a Dupont connector. I have researched it and found a 7 pin that looks just like the one on the robot but, I have not been able to determine the dimensions so far. I'll keep you posted.



say when you use the ez-b4 on a robosapien v2.can you controll excample the head arms ?


I have no idea what I will be able to do with it other than control it via wifi. There doesn't appear to be much info on that hack other than what you're doing. If I can get the standard functions working through the EZb I'll be very happy. I think this will be a long project and lesson in programming for me but, I hope to learn a lot from the RS1 project. The RS 1 will be my first robot ever and if it weren't for DJ and his products and this site I wouldn't even try to do it. I'm am so new at this I wouldn't know where to start.
I bought the RS V2 mostly because I like the way it operates in stock configuration. It is a very clever toy and I want to get it working again. Hacking it will come later.