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this year we create a story of StarWars, and the robot build up with lowcost material Pvc water pipe to making a BB8 including the big Ball, an R2D2 to, but i thing i gona use Ez-Board to control them.
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Eric, you never cease to amaze me. Once again, fantastic work....

I'm with Alan, that's fantastic! Thank you for sharing.
Thankyou @Alan Thankyou Dj Sures, i have much more idea, when i have my first Ez-Board... Ez-Board who i have from all of you...Thankyou for All of you:)
Thankyou @CocharRobotics:)
Eric, I was in a city about 200 miles from my home a while back and saw someone working with PVC. I mentioned what you had done with Wall-E and the fish. He knew your work, but had nothing to do with robotics. Your becoming famous for your work. Keep it up!
wow really ... i'm feels shame *blush* I made a robot with pvc for the material that readily available and cheap thankyou @CochranRobotics
I seriously want a comprehensive " how to" on your builds. They are too incredible not to!
every time I see something you do I get amazed!
your talent is so rare!
keep going!
best regards from Brazil!
Hello @tevans ,

Thankyou Tevans, I'm happy when the people that have helped me are happy with what I am working on,:)
Lool, Thats amazing. You are great. Thanks for share this.