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I started working on this Robosapien project with making a new head from a 3d kids space projector. Fabricated face shield form tinted plastic and added leds. Another feature added is adjustable r/c shocks to compensate for the weight of the head(which is very light)..I will use the EZB v3 that i have and the wireless color camera installed in his head. Installed hd servo for head rotation. Hope you like it.
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I was hoping to get some feedback on this project.

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Thanks for the response. I have added a pan/tilt servo assembly and works great..Also added a backpack cover for the EZB v3. I have two serious problems..1 is power .Cant find space for added battery power. 2 his walking is poor even without the mods. I think he looks great and scripted some more of the robosapien and ezb servo commands .I am thinking about making a lower drive base like the new lost in space robot (wheels or maybe threads. This would give me plenty of room for added battery power and other options. Just started no video yet.. *stress*
I enjoy seeing your many EZ Robot builds.
The head is a great addition to the Robosapien.
Steve S
I really appreciate the positive feedback....I also 5 more robot projects to post that should be very interesting for our robot community. You know just to keep up robot building enthusiasm. Here is a snick peek
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@rb550f are you able to use the current EZ-Builder application to control your RoboSapien? I thought I remember in an old thread that newer versions past a certain point flaked out in controlling a RoboSapien properly. I was just wondering if you were using an older version and what which version date it was?

All of your robot are freaking awesome and inspirational! On BMAX I see an OmniBot 2000 base and body, another torso from an OmniBot 2000, arms from an Emiglio robot. What is the head from, I can't place it?
I am using current EZ-builder. The head on BMAX is from a RadioShack Robie Sr that I modified. Don't know why image is rotated on post.