Inmoov With A Slight Modification


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This Inmoov is a big project for an armature like me. I have lots to finalize and complete. I will be starting to add scripts in EZB4 to being Inmoov alive in the next few days, maybe weeks. I know this will be the hardest for me as it makes my head hurt most often then none. *stress* I know I will learn many new things as I progress. And not to fool my self, I will probably have many questions.*blush*

I just ordered my second EZB4 for all the servos this robot needs.:) In the mean time I will use one of my EZB3 with the EZB4.
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Thanks Richard, I looked at EZ-robot servos, too big. Plus I made a mistake the servos are sub-micro and need to be (22.8 x 11.6 x 24mm) TowerPro was to big too. I only found is the HS-5055MG but expensive.

Anyway later.
Looks very cool!
I need to print a smaller Inmoov so my robot Dave will have a new friend!
@merne, very nice, can't wait to see the two of them shaking hands. In one your videos your InMoov is turning at the waist, how did you do that? Can you share a little about that?
@merne, very nice work, must be a real challenge.
I love the eyes, what have you use for them?

I am still working on mine, so far I have right arm, torso and head almost completed.
@bhouston, I modified the parts from an item called inmoov rotation server for the body on thingiervse web page under inmoov. I don't have a fancy pole holder but the pipe that's on there has an inch and a half opening so I drilled out the center of the rotation 3d part and stuck in an inch and a half soul inside of it and then fastened it down. I used two pieces of the higharmsidev1 file then mounted on the pole. here is a picture of it, its not pretty but it works I plan on making it a little different soon.

with mini-bro I'm using the The Rotcenter files from the bicep arm to rotate the body of mini-bro. I'm going to see if it works better with my inmoov ez-mo.
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@ Aerius, thanks. I got the eyes of an animatronic website a few years back I don't remember what website but if you look for animatronic pages you should find it.
@ mcsdaver, I think that would be a great addition to Dave and your robotam inmoov doesn't move quite as fast as Dave does which I wish it did because Dave when he moves he looks really cool.
@merne, thanks for the info.
If you have Windows Movie Maker, (It comes with Windows) you can rotate the video to right side up and upload the video to YouTube.
I am sure everyone wants to see Mo and his new friend moving.
After you upload your video to YouTube, you just copy the link and paste it here in a reply window.
Would you consider sharing your STL files for the smaller hand? Our club is talking about prosthetic's and I'd love to be able to show them this as an option for a kid or at least to get ideas from. I realize Gael is making one a little more suited to prosthetic's but I don't think it's open sourced. My email is in my member info.
@Checksumff merne just reduced the original stl part to 60% and printed them that way... You can do the same too...
@ Checksumff, richard is right I just used my 3d printer software to reduce the stl's to the size that the servos would fit.
I don't believe the size of the hand I have would be good for prosthetics as the fingers are not as strong as full size are. you could still play around with the size of the hand if you're using it as a prosthetic to get a better strength.
I hope this helps
This site have software to make the STL file for a hand the size you want.
Smaller Hand
I am thinking about making hands for children in need.
Way too busy at the moment, but I will be getting more info.
Thanks mcsdaver- that sight is a great lead!

merne- I agree it's not suitable for that use. Thanks for the reply.
@merne, Just wanted to say what a great job you have done on this project. I think there is a 3D printer in my future. :P

It is amazing to see all the talent demonstrated here in this forum.
Wow this is quite impressive! I can imagine this thing riding around on those Airwheel S3 to make movement smoother. Can't wait to see what comes next! keep up the good work:D
It's been too long since I post my project. I have stopped building my innovation for now, however, I plan on building my second inmoov using Arduino to power and control the servos using ARC and EZB v4/2 to control the Arduinos.

I also plan to post my progress with updates, unlike my first inmoov.

Here are a couple pictures of my first inmoov.

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The screen is real sharp in the chest