Jd Wants His Rubber Duck

DJ Sures

jd doesn track anything.so i must forget some.
do i need to check here something?

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one A to many

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@nomad Your x and y servos are not defined ..... it won't track unless you add servo ports and change the values to something like 20 min and 160 max....

yes i asumed something like this.

Nomad, use the latest JD project from the ezcloud robot AppStore. I repeatedly mention that at the beginning of every video and every post. Always download the latest project from the ezcloud. Please:)

i finally understand what you mean by latest version.only negatif is,
you have to put your sound files back in avery time,or do i miss something.

thanks RR i found some other stuff to.

jd says constandly gimme gimme gimme very cool.

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