Jd Wants His Rubber Duck

DJ Sures

he chould say gimme gimme gimme:)
Nomad, you can do it too. Just download the latest JD app from the EZ-Cloud AppStore and enable COLOR tracking.

Currently it is set for RED.

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i will try it for sure.doing leds now.
does this need a script?auto possition moves?
he sees red very clear now.
@Nomad... This is not specific to the JD project.... You can use it with your own projects that your write too. When you enable tracking (any tracking type... Face, colour, object, motion etc) a script (see picture) will automatically run when the camera begins to track. You can put anything in this script... For example you can flash your LEDs when the camera sees red or a face or whatever... What I am saying is you can make your robot do pretty much anything you want using this "tracking script"... This is in the camera control under scripts... see below...
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ah yes i know that one.

thank you bolt
jd doesn track anything.so i must forget some.
do i need to check here something?

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one A to many

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@nomad Your x and y servos are not defined ..... it won't track unless you add servo ports and change the values to something like 20 min and 160 max....

yes i asumed something like this.

Nomad, use the latest JD project from the ezcloud robot AppStore. I repeatedly mention that at the beginning of every video and every post. Always download the latest project from the ezcloud. Please:)

i finally understand what you mean by latest version.only negatif is,
you have to put your sound files back in avery time,or do i miss something.

thanks RR i found some other stuff to.

jd says constandly gimme gimme gimme very cool.

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