James, Commodore 64 Retro Robot That Learns And Uses Voice Recognition

Steve S


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  Been trying to keep busy, so I dragged my 35 year old Retro Robot upstairs, and got him operating again.  With the 6 volt SLA battery dead, I installed a buck step down unit, and now powered with one of my LIPo 7.4 batteries. He is a little tipsy without the heavy battery. It it like meeting an old friend again. The robot program written in Commodore Basic, actually learns a 3 dimensional sequential array that uses a joystick for a teach pendant. Files can be run, saved, and recalled with VR. Other hardware include a Covox Voice Master and a QuickShot 5 axis robot arm from the 80's.    His elevator allows reach from a table or floor. After showing him to my grandkids about 7 years ago, my son suggested building a wireless robot, and that is when I got into EZ Robot. Hope I don't get in trouble for sharing him.

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Nice to see you, wow, great stuff - Commodore 64? sounds like DJ stuff

(forgive me, I call everything stuff)

what else do you have?  lol



steve S

sounds like space very cool . good to see the famely LAL back.


Enjoyed the video Steve, very hi tech for the time. Peeks and Pokes long time ago...


That is so cool !That brings back memories of then I had my C64. I had programmed mine to control a small robot arm from a Robotix toy kit. Its what got me started into robotics. Love the Retro Robot design, the way the arm can be raised and lowered via that long drive screw  was something I was looking into myself for a design but never did do it. Seeing that old code,  I miss those days, seemed much easier to code compared to todays fancy stuff, at least to me it feels that way ( I learned basic from my old radio Shack TRS-80).


Thank you guys for the comments. Nomad 6R,   that is actually my voice, but the very limited memory and sampling rate distorts.

proteusy,   I would demonstrate him at my kid's school in the 80's.

RoboHappy,  Sounds like you had a neat robot.    I had so much fun getting him operational again.


Ha you know I’d love that robot! Anything retro computing I’m in! That’s super cool. Thanks for sharing

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Ha! What a gas! Thanks for sharing. I know it's good to meet old friends. Amazing stuff and good feelings. When I run across some of my old stuff I try to take time to play. Warm feelings for sure.

Poor LAL, She got her toes stepped on. It didn't seem to bother her though. LOL.

Keep them coming! I love this stuff!