Snow Shovel Robot

DJ Sures

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DJ Sures builds a robot that he equips with a shovel. The robot shovels outside in the cold, while DJ stays warm inside.

DJ Sures from EZ-Robot builds a robot that he equips with a shovel. The 80 pound robot is powered by a small car battery and the DIY EZ-B Robot Controller. DJ used the ARC software to control the robot from the warmth and comfort of his home.

The robot chassis is from an electric mobility scooter. It was converted into a robot by a DJ and a group of students as their entry to a robot competition. The chassis has been fitted with a shovel to let DJ shovel the snow from the inside, while the robot does the shovelling outside in the cold.


Parts Used:
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit
1 x Electric Mobility Scooter Base
1 x Sabertooth Motor Driver



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