Irobot Create With An Arm

Robot Doc


Here's my first attempt of using a V3 EZ-B and controlling an iRobot Create robot with a 6 servo arm attached. The video displays a Roomba that has encountered something in its cleaning path and gets help from an EZ-B controlled Create.

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Show us More about your build. Did you just stick an EZB and a Dagu arm and hooked it up with a little software and it worked? or did you have to add more to it?



I did add a clear plastic plate to mount the arm on and installed beefier batteries to both the Create and EZ-B.

I added (12) 4500 mAH sub C cells inside the iRobot battery case to power the Create systems. I built a 11,200 mAH LI-ion battery pack to power the EZ-B board and servos. I used (4) 7.4 vdc 2800 mAH LI-ion packs connected in parallel and wired the pack to a micro toggle switch and a 2.5mm plug so that it could be directly plugged into the V3 EZ-B and turned on and off without removing the plug.

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Robot-Doc, VERY COOL ROBOT! Good combination of arm and Create. I currently use the yellow 3000 Roomba battery in my Create. Was your custom battery expensive to build and does it charge on the standard IRobot Fast charger? Thanks for sharing your video. Steve S


Steve S The 4500 sub-c cells are $6.25 each from and you need 12 of then. You can reuse the internal thermistor and resettable fuse from your existing battery pack. The custom pack can be charged using the iRobot standard or fast charger as well as the home base.


Nice Job. Love the create format and the fact it also comes with a stabilizer wheel as well.


Very cool! Those iRobot Creates work great with an EZ-B inside :)


I like the use of the plexiglass. You should light it up from the center with an led :)