Irobot Create Project. Sneak Peak



Crap... should read seek peek... lol.... Haven't decided what exactly my iRobot Create project will evolve into... But I plan to go all out on this one... Right now I am leaning toward a butler/remote presence type robot... More to come, so stay tuned... c'mon EZB4....yeah baby:D Sorry about the photo orientation ...

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Richard R , I like the looks of your project. Is that light channel steel or aluminum? It looks like a HD battery. IRobot Create is a great platform. The EZB4 will enable Create to be an even better platform with send and receive serial communication. Thanks for posting. Steve S


@Steve... it's aluminum vex structure... it's a 10amp battery which I plan to power a mini Asus Nettop 12v PC.... Yes, i am hoping too that the V4 will be able to send and receive serial data from/to the Roomba Create....


@Richard As a "bare bones" robot it already looks cool! I suppose you already know the IRobot create's GVW (gross vehicle weight:) ) . The overall weight starts to add up pretty quick! Looking forward to more pics and progress reports


Seems to handle the weight no problem. The vex structure is extremely light aluminum... the battery is 6lbs and soon to be added mini pc/monitor will only add another 2lbs or so..... moves around fine even at low speeds... it will always run on a laminate floor, so should be fine. Also, I am using a light weight Li-on battery to power the create, so some extra weight savings there...



I need your input :

  1. how tall is your robot ?
  2. Are you powering icreate from the 12v battery ?
  3. With all the extra weight, can it perform in carpet floors and can it dock ?
  4. I'm not familiar with VEX can you share the VEX building parts ?