Buratino - Humanoid Animatronic



Buratino: 3d printed - 50x50cm humanoid robot with 23 axis of movement (full of heavy torque servos). (Arms - torso- head) Buratino will need motion tracking with EZB camera and speech recognition.

The last years I have been designing and developing several robotic platforms. These are projects that are made with 3D printing and some lasercutting (prototypes are already working on Arduino and pololu microboards.) I'm adapting my machines so they can run with EZB. I want to give them an easier user interface. Ideas are welcome!


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Looks great...interesting servo setup, its to drive the hands right?:)

Super nice robots!


Wow impressive ! Congratz !


Thanks for the reply guys! Really appreciated :-) Yes, the servo's in the underarms drive the motion of the fingers. The green spools are used to pull the strings which go through the fingers.