Bimbo The Clown

Dave Schulpius


Wow! What fun! DJ's Bimbo The Clown is a gas! I really love these old amusement games and EZ Robot really breathes new life into this classic. DJ, you did a great with this one. Thanks for sharing. You made my day.

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If you keep this up I won't have to go to Dave's to play pinball. Nice job !


Thanks Dave - it was a fun build. We needed a non ezrobot project to tackle on Friday night. Jeremie and James did most of the work. I played records and kept the music going:)


Wow, One night! Amazing work. You guys really did a great job.

There's nothing better then doing a project like this with friends. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.


Total fun! The best was sitting around it proud of our accomplishment:) from start to finish was around 4-5 hours. That includes the hour of deciphering the original wiring ... Where they used a light bulb as a transformer to bring the AC voltage down to power a 20 volt motor. Weird!


Ya, I've seen that light bulb trick used before in other old amusement games. It's amazing what the old timers were able to make work with just a few switches and some wrapped wire. eek:D


Amazing or scary? We chose scary!

The scariest part was the coils are all 110 volts. So the 110v power ran from the top to the button rack with really thin 22 gauge wire. The plastic buttons carried 110v as well. Man, scary stuff. You got kids spilling pop on these buttons and shorting out 110v mains AC with wire thin enough to sew with. I suspect these things electrocuted and lit on fire often back in their day


Oh man, how did we survive as kids. :D


The mice liked cloth covered wires.. Cooked them well done !


We brought Bimbo back to life today


I love that thing. Every time I see it I smile and laugh.