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Or FIIFAH (feef a or FIFA if you prefer) for short.
Made from Styrofoam body and EZ Complete.

Current Features:
Camera Controls for Tracking fun.
Ultra Sonic Ping Radar
Movement Controls
Modified servo Movement Panel
Arm Movement
Camera Tilt and Pan

Keyboard Controls for Camera Positioning (adws) (@Rich Finally got it. Thanks a lot for the help)
- Center Camera (q)
- Camera Snap Center (e)
Centers Camera on Key Press and Reuturns it
to it's Previous Position on Key Release

Personality Generator for calling random scripts (One of my favorites)

Script Manager
Reset Servos
The Keyboard Camera Control scripts
Panic (an action/pose)
Flex1 (an action/pose)
Flex2 (an action/pose)
Chop Chop Chop (an action/pose)

More to come!

Front View
User-inserted image

Birds Eye
User-inserted image

A better look at the Wires and Wheels: Wheels are hot glued in place. I intentionally wrapped the wires around the front to give it an industrial cyberpunk look. Oops, I guess the kids are calling it steampunk now, my bad.
User-inserted image

Right Side Profile: The arm servos are pressure fit for re-usability.
User-inserted image

Close Up of Camera setup: Tilt is hot glued to Pan and Pan is hot glued to body. Camera is velcro fastened for re-usability.
User-inserted image

Rear View: Using a caster from Home Depot hot glued to under carriage (Smallest one they had, I would have liked a slightly smaller ball type caster.)
User-inserted image

Close up of the EZ and Batteries
User-inserted image

It ain't pretty and it has no arms but it moves and intimidates the dog so it's time well spent. Arms are just a matter of decision making at this point.

UPDATE: 2013-06-15
I added the Ultra Sonic ping sensor to my EZ Robot. No custom scripts involving the radar yet. As you'll see, I need to make some adjustments. I added some temporary arms to help show off the actions.

Click To Watch Video

Immediate Plans:
Going to mess with camera tracking options. I'd like to get those dialed in.
Attach some arms;)
Some RSS feeds.

After That:
Some more action/poses.
Find a better 3rd wheel for the back.
Maybe some paint?

If you have any Comments, Questions or Suggestions, there's always someone here you can turn to so, don't bother me.

JUST KIDDING! I welcome, appreciate and love, all CQ&S. I'd love to hear what all of you think.


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@Anton...I like "expediancy"...Get it together and get it doing stuff is awesome! I am sure you will learn a ton of stuff,writing scripts and ...then can with EZ-Bits design something really cool:)
Thanks irobot58, I've enjoyed the robotics. My first was from mostly an 1979 erector set I got at a rummage sale. It seemed to weigh too much. Then I made one from a Zune box but due to inexperience and lack of foresight I made the cardboard too thin for camera support and it did not take to moving very well. At all :(. So I'm settled in a little. My work space is slowly taking shape. I wanted to rebuild and had a few good sized styrofoam pieces from the move and this was the lucky winner.

I really enjoy the EZ platform. It's made learning robotics very rewarding. It's nice to, as you said, Get it together and get it doing stuff. For me the engineering is where I'm least experienced.

I pondered on it Saturday and put it together on Sunday. It probably took about an hour and a half total to put all together. I used a $10 dremel from BigLots to route out the styrofoam. And hot glued the other parts on/in. I didn't get to do any scripting till yesterday. But I had been struggling with the Keyboard controls with the last bot so when I went to re write them it sort of just clicked. I was over-complicating things. Then I put together the poses/actions for the Personality Generator.

I could go on for hours. But I won't. It's safe to say that I'm having fun:)
Thank you Mr. Maker. I've got a lot of respect for you from reading the forum so your kind words are truly, an honor. irobot too as a matter of fact.

You guys (and a couple others) are like benchmarks for me. I read your posts and think to myself, "That's where I want to be." You aspire me to aim high. I just wish I had more time so I could get past these first few inches. I've still yet to really tap into the power of ezb. I know it's potential, I just need time to get smart enough.
Great job Antron007! Really looking forward to seeing your next projects.
United Kingdom
Great work dude.

It may not be pretty, as you say (looks fine to me) but it's a base to play with and something to get stuck in to with the software side of things.
Thanks peoples:) @Rich I'm liking it. It's bigger than the last one so I'm less restricted. I also have more space to play with it now. I'm going to see Mon o' the Steel in about an hour. But I picked up some solder last night so I'm going to rewatch the video and get my ping on by the end of the weekend. I'm shooting for tonight. I'm out of servos so unless I put it with/on the camera it will only be front facing. I'll post an update when I get it on and test it.
Thanks for the updates double O! I was thinking with a bit of spray paint your foam bit could be very "pimped" out. Richs' robot "chose" white which allows for contrasting Accesories!...But if you painted yours silver you could name it ...Silverstryo!:)
I added the Ultra Sonic ping sensor to my EZ Robot. No custom scripts involving the radar yet. As you'll see, I need to make some adjustments. I added some temporary arms to help show off the actions.

Click To Watch Video
*arm breaks off* OOPS! well anyways, if you need help setting up any radar scripts I've gotten the hang of it, so just ask. Rich has a script(Ping Avoidance v1.1.1) in the cloud that is simple to modify.
@Technopro Thanks for the info. As far as arms go, That is the beauty of using the same pieces of velcro on 3 different projects. I'm more amazed that they stay on at all. I haven't made any final decision on what I want to do about arms yet so I just "stuck" those on there.
Wizard! Using velcro as a quick "lets see how this works" is an awesome idea more builders could utilize!
it helps if you have extremely strong sticky Velcro at hand.

I have some and it can lift my new rad. don't have a lot though.
My velcro has been reused a few times now so, it's the adhesive that is weak on them. I too got some super strong velcro. It is what held my last robot together. I broke down and bought a hot glue gun for this project. Velcro is great for demoing ideas but I'm a believer in hot glue now. I have a nice 2 temp one so I'm not worried about hurting anything with it. Especially since it seems I'll be using foam. I got a bunch on hand and tools to work OK with it so what's a guy to do?

Thank you @Irobot58 for approving of my hack method. If you use the right kind, velcro is great. It just puts some extra space in between your parts. And you get a little bit of sagging. It's perfect for the WiFi Cam though. Makes popping it off for recharging very friendly so you can still play with the rest of your bot while it charges. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up.

@Technopro, You can get decent velcro from Wal-Mart. I got some from a hobby store and I basically just overpaid for junk. I got some 3M from the Mart of Wal and it's done me right. They even have a super strong type, I don't think it's 3M but, I saw it today when I was there. I'm at Wal-Mart entirely too often.

I can't wait to see what you do with your RAD. Have you considered making a combat/air soft bot out of it? I want to make a battlebot eventually. I'm currently designing my next robot which will be, hopefully, a little "More than meets the eye";)

I've got some flaws in my initial design but I'm correcting them now, 1 minor 1 major. I keep forgetting to consider the ezb itself:( I keep designing scarecrows. That's why I'm spending more time in the pre-planning stages now. My zune box would have been better if I would have spent more time designing it in stead of "adding on to it." I love learning experiences so I'm not upset about it.

In other news, I also finally found a ball bearing roller (5/8") to replace the caster on FIIFAH. It's about 2/3 the height of the caster so I'm hoping it will stabilize my forward motion. It handles like a shopping cart now because, well, it has a mini shopping cart wheel in the back. But, I may just save it for the new guy. I'm very excited about my next project. I hope to have it ready in about 4 weeks time.

Thanks again guys!:)
I admire your ingenuity with using common easy to work with items and fasteners. I always way over complicate things. I am into my second year now working on Questor and he is just now taking his first steps....I mean rolls. I can't wait to get busy experimenting with scripting.

Keep up the good work! I am following your work with great interest.

I'm designing a new similar project to that now but with a little twist. I received a couple of tower pro mg995's in the mail last week or so and have my styrofoam all marked up. I just haven't gotten to cut it up yet. I'm going to have to disassemble FIIFAH for the servos and camera:(