Ez-b Processor Quadrotor


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I been working on this quad for awhile, back before the EZ-B kits started. I only have the stabibility to work out however everything else is just about worked out program wise. I figured I'd post when I got visual studios uploaded to my labtop so you fellow members can see the application windows I have created thus far as well as the quad I built. So without farther review heres the pics:

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Main Form allows for all blades to be controlled and angle monitor

User-inserted image

Second Form allows for individual motor control

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Third Form allows for tilt monitor

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Fourth Form allows for ESC programming

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DUDE!!! Super proud of you! That looks fantastic. Your software has everything you need - and you did it all yourself. I was wondering where you have been. You don't know how happy I am to hear you didn't give up:)
thanks. Nope I been around helpin the forums and talking abit I havn't been able to program since I havnt had a pc laptop so finally got one and have free access to VS2010 so got that downloaded and now I can get to work. I'll see about uploading a new video to the youtube with the current setup soon. I'm around though just havnt been able to do robotics.
that is a good looking quad rotor, can't wait to see the video!

Little test for your viewing pleasure. I only increase the motors abit as it will fly if I increase them to much, however the stabiblity is not programmed so it flys where it wants. In the video I connect to the ez-b then do a soft start then increase all motors together. I then open the Individual motor window and decrease two of the motors, when I close the window for the individual motors the program finds the middle value of all four motors speed then sets it to all four placing them at the same speed. I then increase all four together. I have it set that the user can press a single button and the motors will decrease at a set rate so later on it can land with a single button press.
Welp I haven't been doing much progress on this thing as I've been job searching. However the other day I came across this little beauty of a sensor that should be able to due all the neccisary features to keep this thing in the air but as Master of the PID loop I think I may need your help on tuning the coefficients, DJ. Or perhaps I'll just make a nice window that I can change the coefficients of the PID loop and monitor the stability of the quad.

IMU Sensor

User-inserted image
ok so I got the IMU that is listed above and if you've been watching the forums you know I ran into a problem with the rerouting pcb that is located between the bluetooth device and the ez-b, it no longer worked thus putting the bluetooth out of commission even though I could remove and rerun my own lines. Instead I decided to upgrade the bluetooth to the Wifi to Uart controller that DJ recommended so last week around thursday I ordered the controller low and behold it took DHL a whopping weekend and monday to deliver the device,:( to bad I wasn't home. O and it came from Hong Kong damn fast lol.

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I'll have it by tomorrow though and test it out. I will post a review of the controller after I get it running.
Yea I haven't updated it recently sorry I been working more at my new job. I am currently replacing the ez-b as the processor, not that the ez-b couldn't be capable of doing the job. I am using the IMU listed earlier and a servo chip for the motors along with a telemetry system that matches that of the xbee. The newer system is much less weight and a lot smaller than the ez-b so it will help with flight. The only problem I had with the ez-b was getting a capable i2c gyro to work which I don't blame on the ez-b itself, it is a very great product and I am actually going to be moving it to a new project I am waiting for in the mail. I will make further posts on this later, however it wont really be an ez-project any more unless after the build I can get DJ to use implement ARC with the IMU.

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As you can see a big difference in size.
hi,i wish you are there
i want to build a robot in a quad copter body and i don't know how to do this
how to make the ez-B control the four motors, make the stability and control direction of the quad copter beside to voice recognize and those all features of the ez-b and if i want to control the robot i want to control it via internet by using the 3gs to make my robot always connecting to the internet to control it from any place on the planet .
if you can help me please any advises will be useful .

mohamed senan
The EZ-B could be used to drive the motors via an ESC, four motors four ESCs. For airplanes it is always a good choice to go with outrunners for motors, use brushless. For stability the use of 3axis gyros and accelerometers along with magnometers is a good choice. Some also use GPS to record paths and set destinations. Your have to look into the calculations as there is alot of mathmatics for keeping the quad stable. Not only will you have to look at calaculating the values given by the sensors but you will have to do more in order to use that data. There is gyro drift that some use and then there is kalman filtering to help give a more percise angle and rotation of the quad. After you find a great algorithim for doing such then comes the part of implementing a PID loop to keep the wings balanced by monitoring the angles of tilt from the sensors and adjusting the motors accordingly. Do alot of research and find examples before you just dive in. The trail is never ending. There are forums out there specificly for quads so join a couple and take notes.