Adventurebot Chasing Red Ball

DJ Sures

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Have you ever found something so hipnotic that you can sit and watch it for hours? That's what happened to me after programming this AdventureBot to track and chase a red ball. One evening I was working late and maybe I felt lonely or something, because I ended up using ARC to program this robot to chase a red ball. He kept me entertained all evening.

Watch the video and you can see why!

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@DJ, that is hypnotic! Did we see you scoot Adventure "Wall.E" Bot with your foot at time index 1:08? And there was a joy pad control right there on your phone too! lol
great i will do that some day if you give the robot a neck servo like jd.
you will see the ball better.
throw two adventure bots on the field, put some edges up, add a couple of goal posts, some machine learning and ....

adventurebot robocup

That reminds me, what ever happened to the Lidar for SLAM?

"The EZ-Robot Lidar will be available for purchase in February 2018"
Transition to the new manufacturing facility priority has delayed the new products by a few weeks. When Alan returns from China, he’ll have a estimated projection for the new product release dates. I’m guessing late March or April.