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Will a single  autoposition control ever be able to access multiple EZb's/IoTiny?  

For example I have 2 IoTiny's ,one in each arm of my inmoov operating the fingers, wrist and elbow.  Right now I have to use 2 autopositon controls and then make a script to try and tie the action together. It's a little counterproductive.

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Hey great info there DJ ,glad to know 1 EZ controller is all that is really needed with SSC-32!
Actually, come to think of it... won’t the ssc-32 also work with the iotiny? Meaning it’ll make the iotiny have 39 servo ports? (32 on ssc and 7 on iotiny, because one is used for uart communication)
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.....i cant believe you just posted this. I was thinking the same thing (minutes ago). I just ordered 4 IO Tinys and wondered if the ssc-32 would extend it?
The reason 3DGuy uses Two iotiny is he put one in each arm of his Inmoov robot this is to make each arm a wireless connection and that is to avoid a large number of wires in the arms going to the controller.  I have done the same in my Inmoov robot Bruce-e.   using a ssc-32 in the inmoov would not address this issue, of two many long wire runs and of the AutoPosition control only working with one Iotiny controller at a time.