Will A Singleautoposition

Will a single  autoposition control ever be able to access multiple EZb's/IoTiny?

For example I have 2 IoTiny's ,one in each arm of my inmoov operating the fingers, wrist and elbow.  Right now I have to use 2 autopositon controls and then make a script to try and tie the action together. It's a little counterproductive.


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Just numbing this question.


Is there anything preventing you from loading a second Auto Position panel and setting one to each hand? Thanks

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Unfortunately, It’a impossible currently for the same reason I answered last time:). The timing across ezb connections won’t work that way. I know it’s a pain for configurations like yours. It is on the list to be reviewed for possible solutions during the huge rewrite that you’ve all been experiencing.


Sorry to have brought it up again.  I am working on a design that would have used all 5 ezbs  but  seeing as it is impossible (for now) I think I'll scrap it. Perhaps I'll think on a smaller scale.


Hey great info there DJ ,glad to know 1 EZ controller is all that is really needed with SSC-32!


Actually, come to think of it... won’t the ssc-32 also work with the iotiny? Meaning it’ll make the iotiny have 39 servo ports? (32 on ssc and 7 on iotiny, because one is used for uart communication)

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.....i cant believe you just posted this. I was thinking the same thing (minutes ago). I just ordered 4 IO Tinys and wondered if the ssc-32 would extend it?


The reason 3DGuy uses Two iotiny is he put one in each arm of his Inmoov robot this is to make each arm a wireless connection and that is to avoid a large number of wires in the arms going to the controller.  I have done the same in my Inmoov robot Bruce-e.   using a ssc-32 in the inmoov would not address this issue, of two many long wire runs and of the AutoPosition control only working with one Iotiny controller at a time.