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#1   — Edited
You noticed wrong, sigh.... SayEZB works perfectly with an iOTiny... Maybe try plugging in the speaker on your ioTiny....
Are you using the latest ARC software?
i have the speaker plugged in as usual,sight 


 yes the latest version.it worked with the previous version.
Works just fine for me... You are either doing something wrong or you have a hardware defect. My money is on the former....

i can hear the connection chime ,and say i have connected to your network .
as i said it worked before.

thanks anyway
So what changed since last time ?

nothing i use as i do it like always.but now it doesn work.
see picture.it looks the error prefer to a object?
#8   — Edited
Tested Video... I will be deleting this soon so have a quick view while you can...
Reboot the PC
Open the Room Windows (to get some fresh air)
Open ARC
Check if there are no new updates
Connect to IotTiny
Close the Room Windows (It's getting too cold)
Create a new Script (EZ-Script) with



Run the script
Share the results
reboot pc did the trick.
thank you ptp
#11   — Edited
If that does not work
my #2 is to open the room windows 
and my #3 is to get out for a walk
i cant open a window its raining.i live on the atick.
what you mean take a walk?
#13   — Edited
after that... oh boy:

Is anyone able to reproduce this error? It does seem like something weird happened. The console shows a reference not set to an instance of an object. 

nomad, any idea how to reproduce the error?
#15   — Edited
I tried old, new projects, existent JD projects, connected, disconnected... no luck
Okay thanks ptp. I’m scratching my head as well. Boy, wish computers were more logical:) hahaha
#17   — Edited
euch no.i used as normal,sayezb("hello" )
@ptp.... ha,ha.... I did that once to an old Commodore 64. Spent 4 hours typing in a basic program.... a friggin' power failure ended all that work. I threw the 64 clear across the room....xD