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Yet Another Wall-E....

Hey Guys,

I'd just like to show my progress since I received my Ez-Robot Kit (mind you, I knew really nothing about robotics) and Yes- it's a Wall-e "wanna-be". Since this is my first-ever made robot, I like the direction it's going and hope to learn more and more about Ez-Robot software and to build more robots as I progress.

I hope you guys like it. Comments would be appreciated....thanks
Here are some pics and a video:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I hope you guys liked it


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I love how you made the servos concealed! When I do mine I will do the arms the same way. If I were going to use servos for the wheel I would definately do it like yours.
Love it. Great job planning and executing the project!
Dude, that is fantastic! the head tilt is unreal!
Nice job...I have a U-Control Wall-e , just haven't ripped him open yet
Great job GotRobbed, love the head tilt too :)
Wow, this is amazing. For someone who apparently knew nothing about robotics this is spectacular
Thanks guys for the great comments!!

I learned alot from reading the forums plus there was alot of trial and error on building and rebuilding on Wall-e....and seriously, I'm a Health Care Professional so robotics is sooo new to me but I just like to tinker and take things apart.

I like my new hobby......

Again thanks
Well done. Great Choreography;)
Cool man. Might i suggest getting some thin plywood or basswood , you can cut mounts and epoxy them in place and screw your servo in. Cheap hot glue guns great for holdingbstuff in place long enough for your epoxy to dry. Good creativity , props
Nice work! Looks great!!