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The ezb direct won't I don't think, but you can use variables and so on to incorporate python into ARC.


No. If you are looking to communicate with the EZb outside of ARC you will need to use the SDK or incorporate the SDK. The software section has a link to someone that already did that for Python.


Thank You for that, Justin. Now to just figure out how to use it.

United Kingdom

Just out of curiosity but why do you need to use Python?

It's a very difficult language to learn and use and may be beyond your capabilities.


I gave up trying to learn Python.... It's not that I couldn't learn it... It just became a "why bother" when I can do 99% of all my robotic programming in ARC....


I can relate to both sides, I gave up trying to run or convert "basic" programs in a windows box when I discovered EZ Robot! Technology is great! Steve S


I am a Python Student right now. I was just curious. I had some running programs in Python that maybe could be applied to my robot.


Mel may be considering using python scripts that are already written since there is a huge library of python scripts via our great big internet.