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Why Christmas?

I just noticed that the revolution is coming at Christmas. why such a set back? I guess my RAD project is on hold for a little while longer.


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"All good things come to those who wait patiently" :) its tuff waiting ..I know! but while your waiting you could be adding more programing/personality to your Wall -E !
Revolution is... a revolution:) It's a huge step for us. We have been in beta by providing the 3D printable parts - to engage the community to use the concept. We've had really good response from users with the software and EZ-Bits. In the background, we have a bunch of new staff. You will meet them soon in video intros. They're leaders in their field... From CAD design, electrical engineering, software development, operations, community management, and more.

These people have been working very hard at putting the pieces in place to manufacture Revolution into a boxed product. This includes the servos with brackets, bodies, cameras and sensors. The new EZ-B v3 has been canceled and will be released as the EZ-B v4. The new controller includes integrated audio and video - as well as higher precision servo and wifi connectivity.

The design and prototypes are complete - and you will see them shortly. We are filming the first Revolution video shortly.

The time from now to Christmas is used to manufacture the components. This includes injection molding, PCB assembly and packaging. We will have 4 boxes complete by Christmas to be wrapped under your tree. They include a complete JD (bipd), Six (hexapod) and Roli (Rover). The 4th box is the new Complete Kit - which includes many EZ-Bits and bodies to assemble your own custom robot. Each for under $300 - not much more than the price of the old Complete Kit.

There will also be the Developers Kit, which consists merely of a Camera, Speaker and EZ-B v4... This enables you existing users to transition to the new smaller and more powerful EZ-B for wifi and mobile connectivity.

I've said too much!:)
United Kingdom
Christmas will be here before you know it:) Just build the robot with a space for the EZ-B and add the EZ-B once it's available.

I'd rather have a well tested and working product than something that's been rushed out.


The new controller includes integrated audio and video - as well as higher precision servo and wifi connectivity

That's worth waiting for:D
I am writing my letter to Santa now. Pre-order end of November?

I will be ordering four or five before the year is out.
But I must choose which one first, hexapod, I will call it Zippy.
2nd choice jd, but that is my initials so I must call it junior.
3rd choice the Developers Kit.
4th choice roli or build your own custom robot.


We are hoping to begin accepting a limited number of pre-orders in the next few weeks.:)
Well, dj. When you put it that way...


The reason I have the whole project on hold is because I want to buy all parts together. 2standard servos, 2 heavy duty servos, one mini servo, ping radar, ez-b, 2 l298n motor controllers. That's a fair bit.

Wifi might work better for me than the Bluetooth. My speaker that I'm putting in my rad runs on Bluetooth and it gets interference easily.

What was that about intagrated audio and video?!?

And: quote: be the Developers Kit, which consists merely of a Camera, Speaker and EZ-B v4.
Wow wifi and smaller, now I can make room for other stuff.
I can wait till Chirtmas.
May the BOTS be with you.
Waiting for pre-order too)
We're only going to have 1,000 or so packages available before Christmas. We have received nearly 1,000 emails in the few days the Shop page has been up. Anyone who has their email address will be contacted for pre-order before it goes to public:)
I guess i better start saving lol
any idea of a price gestamit ¿
can we order the mini and not the whole kit?
United Kingdom
Yay to losing Bluetooth and going WiFi except the EZ Board on the order page has a BT module on it?

I have a request for an add on board with Accelerometer, Gyro and maybe a compass that you just plug in
There you go again @dj Making me spend all of my money:)

Well, I've been buying bits and pieces and leaving the for last purchasing the Complete Kit. So, came here today to get it and now have/need to wait until Christmas.

Not to be dense but I want to be clear that if I wait on the new kit that it is to include similar items as before.
@Jautman, the new developers kit will include the same features plus a lot more... Not sure if you've been following us, but the new version will include integrated audio and video. Plus a faster processor and wifi support. Those are features which were not includes before. Hope that helps address your concern.
@Dj An idea for the WiFi (you are probably way ahead of me on this already).. At least one of the WiFi TTL devices I played with (I think it was the Roving Networks) could be programmed to connect to an infrastructure (ie, home, office) network, but if it didn't find one it knew before timing out, it would switch to Access Point mode and create its own network.

This would be great for a robot that you usually use at home or office, but when you want to take it somewhere to demo, it would broadcast its own SSD and provide an IP address to the computer running ARC that connects to its network.

That would be better than something like the AR Drone Parrot that you lose your internet access if you connect to the Parrot's network. You still would where there was no other network, but wouldn't need to where both the EZ-B and the ARC were on the same network.

Thanks Alan, it's taken care of:) You will find a configurable ADHOC and Infrastructure configuration in ARC. Also, the ability to chain multiple EZ-B's together. Plus a few other goodies, that will be released over time:D
@ DJ Sures - Thank you for the response.

I knew you were coming out with a new product, I just didn't realize there was going to be a big gap in between products being available.

Some backgound - My son came to ne early in the summer and aske dme if we could build a robot over the summer. Who could say "No" to that? So, I did a little reasearch and it looked like EZ Robot was going to be the product for us with everything that came in the kit, and considering out lack of experience, the software looked easy to use. I'll just have to let him know it will be a while longer.
There is a kit on ebay if all of the other re-sellers are out of stock...not mine, and not associated with the seller, but it would help your Summer project!