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initalvexgrippertest.EZB I need A lil help with some programming. It's been a year or so since I've written anything. I'm trying to set up a simple test with 2 grippers. I can get them to open/close individually, but can not them to open/close same time. I'm sure I'm forgetting a sequence  or command. Did try to use the help but no luck. Been stuck on this for over a week now.Any help or idea would be great. I'm provingso e code that I've tried to do.,..


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dont forget to callibrate your servo' 90 degree will act like an arret,it wil preventing the servo from burn out or break.

servospeed(D12,2) servospeed(D23,2) sleep(50) servo(D12,90)  close servo(D23,90)

servo(D12,fill in degree )  open servo(D23,fill in degree )


Thanks for the tips:) will try and let you how I did.


after you calibrated,you can use the recomondation from bhouston whits is an very easy way to do. here's a video when calibrated the servo's for grippers is the best thing to do.for your claw you can, set them closer in the servo profile.


Nomad's script should work with a few tweeks and the proper changes for your system. Make sure you pace an "#" in front any comment you don't want the script to see or run. If you still are having problems post your script.

Here's another version of Nomads script. I use a version of this to open and close the claws on my B9 robot. You can place a loop comment in there also or just add more commands to get them to open and close more often.

Servospeed(2.d6, 5) #Sets speed of Right Claw Servo
Servospeed(2.d3, 5) #Sets speed of Left Claw Servo
Servo(2.d6,93) # Right Claws full open position
Servo(2.d3,99) #Left Claws full open position
Sleep(2000) #Gives the servos time to reach their final position
Servo(2.d6,63) #Right Claws together position
Servo(2.d3,77) #Left Claws together position

hi dave that looks indeed very pro.i understand servo(2,d3,77) but i dont understand servospeed(2,d3,5) what the number 5 stands for?



Thanks guys. Took the advice. Created the servo calibration, then created the AutoPosition to achieve what I wanted(see the new file). Any other suggestions, please say , my next step is to add a pressure/sensor switch to each claw.


robohappy cant open the link?


Sorry, first number is the ezb number. I have 4 of them in my robot. Second is the port number and third is the servo speed I want to set.

Autoposition is the way to go. Great feature.


hi dave thanks for the thats connection number 2.


No its same erro a 404.


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(anyone recognize the metal material the ripper are attached to?) vexgrippertesting.EZB

So I've now added a limit switch and an IR sensor to each gripper. The grippers are spring loaded, so the switch is to help stop the servo to prevent overheating. The ir sensor is simply gonna be used to indicate something is there to grip and to make it close. Still working on how to..