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Which Programming Language For A Newbie

As I near the completion of my little B9 I am contemplating programming. While the EZ-B is very robust for non-programmers, there is so much more I can do with code. My problem is I don't know any code. So as a total beginner, which should I use? VB, C#, C++ I just don't know which would be easiest for my old brain to wrap to itself around. Any suggestions out there? Whichever seems the best I will get a "Dummies" book to start learning.


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I really think either one could lean easily towards learning each one of the languages. I do c# mainly and there is enough examples on the net that can help with various methods you may wish to implement, for any one of those languages.


I'm in the same boat Bret.

I'm going to see if I can learn C#, or C++.

Heading to Chapters tonight for a dum dum book.

Maybe we can start a thread with examples as we muddle our way through?

I'd like to take my multiple EZ-scripts and convert them into 1 big script.


C# seems to be a favorite along with Java and Python.


@brett pick up a book on c+ is like a building block that other languages follow from what nerdier friends tell me.


C# is my absolute favorite language. I'm a low level c/c++/assemble coder by nature. I've always loved diving into system calls to increase speed and decrease memory usage. However, c# has amazed me with its performance. Take a look at comparison charts. C# has better performance than c++ mfc apps in some instances.


Ah ok so you recommend the first language to be c# because it is more reliable/ higher performance. I don't know code at all but once I get into it I imagine I would learn quick.:)


At the risk of showing my age... It's been eons since I worked with Fortran and assembly. I am now learning a new language... For me it's C#. Unlike DJ, I always hated coding. My Dad, a Mainframe programmer was always trying to get me to change to the "dark side" of computer networks, so when my wife gave me a C# manual for Christmas he was rolling on the floor laughing!


Really most coding is really nice to work with now a days. Assembly, C, Verilog, VHDL, C# and Labview all are the main ones I have worked with. I have gandard at Python but have yet to dive in. I have also helped a friend understand some routines in java. However I don't really build my code in nice general structure, just quick and in a working manner.

How about we migrate back to DOS:)


I picked up Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24hrs.

I'll check around for a C# book next trip to chapters.


The EZ-SDK includes LOTS of examples. You can learn C# really easily by looking at my examples.

The most challenging part (if you have a basic understanding of programming) is learning Visual Studio. For example, how to configure and compile. Also what all the files are... And the difference between them.