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Where Are The Tracking Numbers?

Hello everyone :-}
Has anyone received any tracking numbers as of lately, I place my order back in November 2014 for the Developer Kit and some other things, I figured I should have a tracking number by now. We are almost in the middle of August, what's going on. Please, don't anyone say be patient, I am beyond that now and I think alot of others are to. I am ready to get things going, where are the V4's that we were told were coming?


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@FORGE Yes I am trying to use this as a lesson in patience to my son.

@d.cochran Actually, it’s up to EZ Robot to set proper expectations. When we ordered we were told that due to high demand, orders would ship between November 1st and December 1st. Only afterwards did things change to shipping soon and then to the product is not completed yet and the quality isn’t there yet so you won't be happy. Claiming high demand and setting a definite shipping date window is NOT the same as asking one to put faith and investment into a product not yet completed. I’ll try to attach a copy of our order confirmation that provided the very clear shipping date window:

User-inserted image

@DJ-Sures - The original poster expressed frustration and said he was wondering where the V4’s were that he had ordered back in November. Then @Antron007 said that he knew what he was getting into, back in November. I replied to share that I, like @stonewolf, did not know this. Instead we were expecting to have received our order long ago. I also explained that the expectations of my young son have been let down and am expressing my frustration at seeing his interest in robotics diminish over what may end up being close to a year-long wait.

@chrissi I agree, disgruntled people often take the time to post (more so than happy customers). It’s good to see the EZ Robot team answer these forum posts quickly; and it is also good to see that @jdebay got his order. It’s still frustrating, however, to get the same answer i.e. please be patient, Roli will ship soon. I trust you understand that.

That said, we are keeping faith in EZ Robot because of: (i) seeing additional people being hired recently, (ii) having transparency now in terms product quality and Roli almost being completed, (iii) prompt replies to emails and forum posts and (iv) due to customers now reporting that they’re receiving product and being happy with it.
@FORGE.... Dude, you must make friends everywhere you go.... Let it go, the product is shipping...I got mine and so have many, many others....
Okay, you ordered a product that was not developed and in production yet. Its like ordering a video game that gets delayed. it happens on almost every video game out there. Operating systems are no better. Computer products, game consoles, cars and really anything out there has been delayed.

Its up to you as a parent to set the expectations of a child to the fact that the product may never even ship when they are ordering.

read this post. It is exactly what we are all talking about. :D
3d printer that wasnt

The product was in development. Things happened. It was delayed. This happens with almost every technology that there is. Believe me, I know. I have worked in the cell phone industry designing cell phones. I have been in the computer peripheral industry working on the first digital camera. I have worked for software companies. All of these have been missing deadlines for the past 25+ years. Robotics is no exception. For someone not to know that there would be delays that has watched technology evolve over the past 30 years is surprising to me. It happens with RC Cars, coke machines and pretty much anything electronic. Things happen and the world is so tightly integrated now that something that happens half way around the world will affect your product. It is the world we live in now.

Short of going to the store, and buying the product, you cant guarantee that you will get the product, especially when you are so dependent on so many other companies or agencies that are out of your control to get the product to you. It is your responsibility as an adult and parent to make sure that the child has a realistic expectation of what ordering a pre-order means.

Most of the delays are out of your control. Most companies keep deadlines very tight lipped because people dont understand these delays. This is why you dont find out about when the ship date on the next operating system until it is about to hit the door (ubuntu excluded). You dont know what is going to happen that will delay your product until it happens and you have to react to it. I would rather a company be transparent and tell me what they think at that point in time, as opposed to me being in the dark. If DJ and company had been quiet about expected shipping dates, the same people would be complaining that they dont know anything. Its a no win situation and I appreciate that EZ-Robot chose to handle the information like they did.

I wouldn't expect a 13 year old to understand this. They have just started ordering things.like this. I would expect an adult that has seen everything that has transpired in the world over the past 20+ years to understand this. It is because of this that I say that it is the parents responsibility to set realistic expectations for their child. You dont have it until you have it, and you might never get it depending on what happens tomorrow or the next day. When you get it, rejoice and have fun with it. until then, decide if you want to wait for it or get a refund. Short of a disclaimer that says "This product isnt made yet and you are helping to fund development of this product" I dont know what else EZ-Robot could have done. They told you what they thought was the case at that time. What more could you have wanted? Did they lie to you? No, they told you what they believed to be the truth based on the information that they had at that time. What more can you ask for?
nice to know im now an example for the dangers of pre ordering:D
@Sander is right about the changing expectations post-ordering. Having a date set is not the same as still being in development and then changing your website t&c. At least acknowledge that customers are justified in their frustrations.

"When we ordered we were told that due to high demand, orders would ship between November 1st and December 1st. Only afterwards did things change to shipping soon and then to the product is not completed yet and the quality isn’t there yet so you won't be happy. Claiming high demand and setting a definite shipping date window is NOT the same as asking one to put faith and investment into a product not yet completed.."
I'm scared to order now that I've read these posts is it a good idea to buy them or not because I want to recieve mine sometime in October and I don't want to wait a whole year for this.
United Kingdom
What are you ordering?

You wont wait a whole year, there are thousands of orders in a back log but this should clear pretty quickly, however it does come down to what you are ordering as some items are yet to begin shipping.

The sooner you order the sooner you will receive. You will always have the option to cancel the order should it not change from processing to shipped in October too.
Here is my viewpoint

I would order and have ordered over $2,000 from them. The product is amazing and you will not be disappointed in the product. If I was disapointed, I wouldn't still have other orders pending. They would have been cancelled.
I'm ordering the JD Revolution, I will try to get it asap but if I don't I'm not waiting a year even though I really want one.
Nitrate, you have to understand the following

1. The people that ordered a year ago were ordering a product that was not being produced yet.
2. They knew it was a pre-order and as such, there were probably going to be delays in delivery of the product.
3. JD is a produced product now.
4. JD is being shipped now.
5. You wont be waiting a year to get the product.

The people who are complaining are doing so but are not willing to accept the offer of a full refund. This means that they can only really be upset at themselves. If they are willing to wait for the product, then they should do so without complaining. The company that you would be ordering from has been very transparent in everything, almost to a fault. It is because they are so transparent that information is given, events occur, they react and the new information has to be given. People view this as them not being honest when actually it is quite the opposite. They are very open and honest with the information that they have available to them at that time.

Order the product and if you want your money back and cant get it, I will buy your order from you. I have that much faith in this company and what it is doing. If you get the product and you are not satisfied with it, I will gladly buy it from you. That is how confident that you will love the product I am. I say this because of what I have been able to do with the developer kit. This is truly the best platform for building robots that is available by far. The company has stood behind their products when issues have arose and there have been very few of those. They are good people working hard to provide a great product. It is that simple. I am serious about my offer to you.
Nitrate, also please understand that this product is made in China and as such, you might have to pay some additional government fees when the product is delivered. I dont know what these fees are, but others in Canada have seen this. I just want to make sure that you are aware of it and that you read the information presented to you when you are ordering.
@d.cochran... Nitrate will have to pay Canadian sales tax (In Ontario it is called HST)... He will also have to pay some duties and collection fees as well...
I just wanted to make sure he was aware of it. It seems that many people don't see this and I didn't want him to feel like he didn't have all of the information when he was placing the order. Thanks for clearing that up Richard!
@d.cochran I understand now thanks, so I should get my product on time.. Okay makes me feel better about ordering.

@Richard Thanks I've ordered from China before only on some things I had to pay additional fees. It was free as long as it was shipped by seas or something like that can't remember.

Thanks guys.
Remember Nitrate, you bought in Canada (hence paying tax)... yes shipping is from China... The reason I know is because I paid tax and duties 4 days ago on my V4 order... Your order will ship DHL by the way...
@Richard It takes one month to be prepared, and since it's coming from china, it took a month for you to receive yours correct? Or maybe a little under a month? (with the free shipping)
DHL will get it there in about 3 days. That is the free shipping.
@Nitrate... If it is shipped DHL you will get it within 3 days from China... When my order shipped, I got it in 3 days.... If the order is over $200, yes shipping is free... However, you will pay Canadian Tax, duties on that order no matter the amount....
@d.cochran @Richard oh okay thanks guys. awesome. now I feel comfortable about placing my order. thanks guys I'll be visiting the forum more once I've got my JD!