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Resistance will be futile....


there are more on the thirth camera


looks like someone is giving a pep talk to the front whats next, jd (camouflage)?


@DJ has discovered that it is more cost effective to have robots build robots... Here we have an example of just that...JD is building himself....:P


Planning an invasion... They are called the Revolution Robots....?? Ron


Judgement day is upon us...they are about to become self afraid, be very very afraid! eek


Lol - your guesses are much more interesting than what's really going on:)

Although Jeremie has been awake for 26 hours finishing. I was sadly in Shanghai and was not able to help:(. Way to go jer! When he wakes up in a few days haha


can you give us a hint?:)


They're JD robots mounted to a black pexiglass base and connected to a ac/dc power supply. There is custom programming on the ez-b for it to dance and move around to music without being tethered to a Pc or mobile device. There are 173 of them - one for each Brookstone Retail store which will be on display for the public.

They're dumbed down ez-b's without wifi and without cameras. We 3D printed fake cameras in their place.


Hey now... "dumbed down"?... I believe the correct political terminology is "connectively challenged"... Sheesh... next thing you know you will be calling them retarded or something.....:P

Oh, and when Jeremie wakes up who's going to tell him it was supposed to be Six that needed to be prepped for Brookstone and not JD?:D


Brookstone! Awesome. Will they EZ-Bits in store as well?

You once mentioned MicroCenter might be a retailer, anything ever happen with that deal?



MicroCenter appears to be experiencing a similar radio shack fate - they invested heavily into Arduino DIY. Their terms to carry ez-robot were not friendly for us. They also did not agree to cross promotion, etc... making it not a worth while deal.

It's important that ez-robot maintains an exclusive status by only being carried by respectful retailers. The effort we put into maintaining a close relationship with our retailers also reflects the effort we put into our community and product. Which is why we pick and choose who sells our stuff:)

Brookstone is the only large retailer which we found has a similar perspective toward innovation and smart lifestyle. Even though their "smart toy" section had been limited to Sphero and Parrot products, the addition of ez-robot will demonstrate their initiative of adopting new-age innovative products.

Brookstone will be carrying a few ez-bits right away - I am not certain what they are (I believe servos, connection cubes/blocks, 4-in-1 sensor and maybe a few others?). Once they're online, there will be more sku's added to the ez-robot section. They've asked for new product sku's monthly to build the section with more choices to engage the customer.


That is great. I bought my ARDrone feom Brookstone, and a lot of other gadgets over the years. It is interesting that Brookstone used to be all about comfort and travel, and Sharper Image was about innovative cool tech. I haven't seen anything I wanted feom Sharper Image in years, but Brookstone is carrying more and more innovative products that interest me. I think they will be a great partner for you.

Too bad about MicroCenter. I had hoped they would fill the niche RadioShack left behind of the place to get parts when you can't wait for Amazon or eBay to ship or you want to see it in person before buying (and there are no Fryes on the East Coast).