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What About We Send Him A Gift?

Hi friends Browsing around the instructables site I found this kid in Indonesia! His version of wal-e made of junk really impressed me.

Specially because all the electronics are taken from old toys! I wrote him asking if he have heard about EZ-b. He said yes, but unfortunately have no money to buy one. So, I was wandering, with that kind of talent, what this kid would be able to do with an Ez-b in hands.. So, here is my proposition. Why don't we send him a board as a gift?! Mabe we could find 20 members that could contribute with, let's say, 15 dollars, and we could send him that? What you guys think? And, DJ, do you think the shop would be able to manage contributions and send him the kit? Just an idea... Greetings from Brazil!


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I would contribute.



same here,count me in.i have to tranfer it do.


Absolutely! Count me in:)


I think that's a great idea:)


Maybe a Developer's kit would be good?... I am good for $15 or so... What's that, like $200 Canadian now?:P


I am in for $15 if I can spend my EZ-Bucks store credit.

I do have a concern though, which is where does this end? There are a lot of bright, needy kids out there. In fact, a couple of months ago @Dinesh in India posted asking if there was a way to get a free EZ-B or trade some kind of services. We pointed him to the holiday video contest as a way to win store credit.

To really do this right, we should set up a "scholarship" program that we can donate money or store credit to, have an application and evaluation process, and some kind of expectation of a return on our investment (ie, awardee will post Youtube videos of their creation crediting EZ-Robotics for sponsoring them or something similar).



@Alan, while I agree somewhat the kid in Indonesia never asked for anything.... Dinesh came on here and I got a perceived attitude from him that deserves or was expecting to get something for free... Now it may have been the language barrier and I could be totally off base, but I felt he had a little attitude...


Great folks! I'm so happy to count with you to make this kid happy. Let's spread the idea and see how many of our fellows can contribute. Then DJ could ask someone at sells department to instruct us how to send the money (mabe thru pay pal to Ez-robot with an specific instruction)?!

Lets make it happen. :D

United Kingdom

A kid after my own heart. You can count me in too.:)



Dinesh came on here and I got a perceived attitude from him that deserves or was expecting to get something for free... Now it may have been the language barrier and I could be totally off base, but I felt he had a little attitude...

After further conversations with him, I am pretty sure it was language/culture barrier. I know he did follow our advice and submit a holiday video.

Anyway, it is just something to think about as we are likely to get more of these kinds of requests. I think this kid certainly would make good use of an EZ-B because he has already shown great creativity, so if I was running an EZ-B scholarship program, he would certainly be an awardee.



Richard is right! He never asked for nothing. In fact, I never spoke to him! I just sent him a message... It was just my idea to send him a gift, as I was impressed by his talent... And mabe we could achieve a valuable member to our community.. Who knows? After all, what could I lose? 15 bucks... But if We could help a good mind to step forward... It worth the risk... Let's see if we can.



Richard is right! He never asked for nothing

I know. I was really just kickstarting the conversation because we are likely to find other kids we want to do the same thing for, so I think we should start thinking about putting some structure around it.

For your request, I am all in. I think we should try to come up with enough for a developer kit.



I'm in ! Developers kit seems the best way to help.


There are a lot of 'needy', talented, imaginative folks in the world that deserve special consideration. Alan's idea of a scholarship process sounds very good.

It might be a good idea to extend the process to classes or schools.

ARC members could recommend applicants and a committee made up of EZ Robot company personnel and selected users could be appointed.

It seems there are several ways to generate the fund. PayPal direct contributions to the named scholarship program, and/or a "contribute button" in the EZ Shop 'Cart' checkout process.

My 2 cents will be followed up with a contribution when a process is established.

A very good idea.


A scholarship or contribution button.... I think you are on to something there ! That could be a very good idea for members to contribute to gifting or giving a ez robot scholarship. A super thoughtful gesture!

I am most certainly good for 15 bucks to help a kid out! I bet he would be totally stoked to get a ez kit!

@ Dj , just tell me where to send


I'm in for 15 buck, I do like the idea of a scholarship too. Other members are rightv there could be others asking for a gift in the future.

I would say a developer's kit, count me in 15 bucks . EZ robot team, just let me know where to send it thanks


Wow! This kid is talented! I will donate as well. Just say where.


Great! If I count right, there are 13 of us so far! Anybody else?...


well 13x 15 dollar=195 just not enough count chippingcost atleast whit 13 we gonna need 19 dollar each to give him the KIT.

am really suprised how low the respons is for this great humble idea.


I will put in an even $20.



Would you give us wholesale price for this endeavor? If so, we should have enough with the 13 of us to do a dev kit.

If not, I'll increase my pledge to $20 whether or not I cann spend EZ-bucks credit.


United Kingdom

I will increase to £15 UK sterling (about $23) if it helps.:)


Great! So DJ, If you give us the free shipment, I think we got enough for the gift. Do you think it is possible? And I have a suggestion for payment. One of you guys at North America could receive the donations at your paypal account, purchase and send it? If the contributions does not complete the needed amount, I'll give the difference. Is that ok? Who could receive the money?


tevans you can its your idea.


I'm not shure if my Brazilian PayPal account is able to receive money from abroad, with no high taxes! (yeah.. it's the stupid Brazilian law). But anyway, if you guys agree to that I can check it. Do you ?


If it is an issue, I can collect the funds and pay EZ-B when we have collected enough for the order.

Since a Dev kit is over $200, we get free shipping unless EZ-robots gives us a discount, in which case we need to balance the amount of the discount vs the cost of shipping to Indonesia.

Also, Tevan's can you check that the kid will be able to pay customs/taxes if Indonesia charges any? I would hate for us to do this only to have it not delivered due to him being few dollars short.



If its possible i'd donate my 3 dollars in store credit, since I don't need it at the moment anyways:D

if you guys can't reach the free shipping cost ill chip in another 10 bucks for shipping aswell



good check if the kid can pay customs.


would it be possible to get the kid here on forum.he can give us usefull info.


I'll send him an e-mail rigth away! I'll invite him to join the forum and ask for the customs..

United Kingdom

Have the EZ-B delivered to whoever is holding the raised funds, have them also pay the customs. The re-ship it marked as a gift. Customs is already paid so everything remains above board.

I may sound tight but that isn't the case, and I could offset some of my store credit to a cause such as this without thinking about it however where does it end? Once one person receives an EZ-B for nothing how many more will follow?

I'm not against the idea of giving people who need a chance that chance but to get it without asking or working for it, nobody offered this to the young guy who wanted to trade designs for an EZ-B and he took the time and effort to enter the contest as advised, he showed willing, he did what he could to work for it.

Ending on a positive note, it's great to see you doing this.


Since this is a gift I don't see any moral reason it couldn't be shipped marked as a gift to him. I know India has a large import duty


He is in Indonesia, not India. Not sure what the import duties there are, but I agree, it is a gift so no issue with that, just that we need to pick up shipping cost from the intermediate stop.

I'll look up shipping cost from the US tomorrow.



Hallo there, when I wake up I received a few emails, and when I first open the email From Tevans <> and read it, I immediately jump because it's so very happy, not just because of the ez-board, but seeing a lot of friends out there who care about what I do. Although I created is simply the project low cost.

Thankyou, for everyone, I don't know what to say, just thankyou


Hello Ricdart! We just want to see what you can do with an EZB v4 , so we are doing what we can to get you one. We are a community that helps each other and though we don't give away very often we were impressed with your talent. Here we showcase our projects and share the progress in pictures and video. We hope to see what you come up with!


@Rich, yes you are right , there are other infrequent times that others could be a good candidate for group assistance. That's why I was interested in the "donate" to user or "ez robot scholarship fund" button of sorts to make it easy to help out when that kind of thing happens. I have only see a handful of times a person has really been a good candidate and honestly everyone has the right not to participate so it is self regulated.

United Kingdom

@Josh I agree however my point was that there is no real structure to this at all. In this case it was purely one person's choice to ask for people to help gift the EZ-B based on a post found elsewhere yet in the past when people have asked for a chance and shown willing to work for it they have been met with the old "you don't get anything for free".

A little structure would make it a lot better and give more people at least the opportunity to get an EZ-B in this way.

I do think it's a great idea and have been thinking about something similar for a while (especially since I get a fair amount of store credit and rarely use it) but it needs to be fair, there needs to be structure to it, there needs to be some kind of process to follow for those who want the chance to own an EZ-B but can't afford it and for those who want to help give those people a chance.

If you think about it, every 33 questions answered is an EZ-B that could be sent out to someone who is showing a great interest, passion, desire etc. but can't afford one (or in some cases their parents wont let them buy one). I am sure I could solely fund one per year on questions answered easily, if not once every six months, and I would, but not without some kind of structure.

Come up with some kind of sound and solid structure which is fair to everyone and I'm more than in.


Friends, I did not mean to create an issue within the community... But I am glad that the Idea brings the possibility of some sort of mechanism to incentive talents thru donations.
In this specific case, I am very glad that so many fellows agreed to help this talented kid. As you read above, Eric got our initiative jumping out of his shoes and, for me, this is great! As Justin said, this is a community that inspire and help each other. I'm proud of that.

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@tevans, You haven't created an issue, you have the beginnings to some type of sponsor type scheme. All I'm saying is it needs structure, a well laid out plan and method for those wishing to gain such sponsorship to apply for it and for those of us willing to help out to be able to decide who receives such sponsorship.

It's the grounds for something great but with some refinement it could be a regular thing.


Sorry if I bothered you all, I just found out this forum this morning from an email sent by mr.Tevans, before I post about wall e. on Instructables, a year ago I post them in EZ-b Forum , I've been thinking about what I can do for my wall. e and EZ-Board I think is the correct hardare but I never asked for free, I try to get it myself but I haven't been able to get it up to now, there are still many also charges that I have to spend my life and my mother. so it's hard to set aside money and collect it.

until then this morning I received an email from Mr. Tevans about it, I am very glad to hear it, and I really appreciate what you guys do

Sorry if there was any writing I was wrong, my English is very bad.



@ricdart, your english is fine and you haven't bothered anyone. It is only that this has created a new topic that had not been discussed fully. Personally I am impressed by what you have done so I'm donating. (not the first time I've donated to a forum member)


@Troy and All, sorry I didn't read it all, once again I say thank you to all of you.

Eric Dirgahayu



Welcome. Don't worry about the back and forth discussion about how we can make this a fair and regular process. I started that discussion sevral pages back in this thread and I do feel it is important, but whatever rules we come up with I believe you would qualify for your creativity. Just consider yourself the first EZ-Scholarship awardee of what I hope will become a regular process. I am very impressed with your Wall-E.

You can do two things to help in the coordination. If you could find out what the import duties and taxes would be on electronics (will be labeled "robot parts") shipped from China wih a value of $229 USD, and once you find out, tell us if you could afford that. If it is more than you can afford, we can work out another way, but it will take longer both due to shipping twice, and because we will need to raise more funds first.

We'll also need your shipping address, but we'll have you email that to Tevans or myself rather than posting publicly.



Thankyou Alan,

I feel flattered by what you think, wall.e is just lowcost robot made from unused water pipe:).

for customs tax might I be exposed to 10% of the value of the package, and hopefully the money I collect for buy EZ-board for first, enough to pay his taxes.


Great to hear that the taxes will not be a problem! We'll Alan, I think now we need your PayPal so we can send you the money, ok? And Eric, please send your complete address to Alan so he can deal the shipment. ??

And guys, thank you for embrace the discussion and jump in. In Brazil we have an expression "Gentileza Gera gentileza" that's something like "kindness creates kindness" - and we know this world need some of that! Greetings.



That is great, then we can have EZ-Robot ship directly to you.


Let's get this started. We'll do it like a kickstarter project, where if we don't meet our goal within a specific period of time everyone will get a refund.

Goal: $229 USD (ships 1 dev kit to Eric) Stretch Goal: $458 (ships 1 dev kit to Eric and one dev kit to Dinesh - the kid from India who offered to trade design services for an EZ-B) Time Limit: 1/31/2015

Send donations to via paypal or Amex Serve

I will update our total in this thread at least every 2 days.

I will eat the Paypal recipient charges.

If @DJ Sures or anyone else from EZ-Robot is still watching this thread, please let me know if there is a way we can combine users store credit for their donations and/or if you can/will give us a discounted price on the dev kit(s) either without losing the free shipping or enough of a discount to make paying for shipping worthwhile.


United Kingdom

Alan, drop EZ-Robot an email and see if EZ-Robot would be interested in getting on board with a community driven official EZ-scholarship type deal.



User-inserted image

There are 2 types of taxes do I pay it and @10%. so I am exposed to 20% of the package price plus and additional fees . RP. 569.000,-same with $ 52.53.


oke, I can still pay taxes on it, There's still a little bit of savings to add to it.

thankyou so much for all of You,:)



i send this morning to my paypal.and i copie your mailadres .(for fonds) i hope we have enough for chipping and custom he can keep , the little savings he has.


Alan, I just sent you the money for eric's kit. I'll send plus 15 help on stretched goal and try to gift the boy in India too! Hope we can do that a well.


We are already at $60. If this pace keeps up, we'll be ordering kits tomorrow.



I sent an email to and copied Aisliin since I have her direct email address and this fits within the "marketing department" kind of activities.

Several of you have been quite generous. We are half-way to a developer kit already!


United Kingdom

If I hadn't just blown pretty much every spare penny I have I'd chip in. If donating store credit becomes possible though I'd be open to throw $30 of store credit in the mix.


I'll let you know what EZ-Robots says about store credit. I also suggested that if they want to make this a regular thing, they could add a SKU to the store for donations to a "scholarship fund".


United Kingdom

I'll make my payment this Friday.:)


steve G

same here friday


@Alan - WarPig just sent you $20. Glad I found this thread!


Hey guys, and Welcome Ricdart:) I was skimming through trying to find where to donate. DIrect to EZ-Robot? And im good on Friday for $20.



I was skimming through trying to find where to donate. DIrect to EZ-Robot?

I am collecting and will make an order to EZ-robot. Send via Paypal or Amex Serve to

Currently at $145 towards our goal.




what is the total goal we need?


@thetechguru OK Great thanks !:)



what is the total goal we need?

I'll repost this since it has gotten lost in the middle of the thread (post #49)


Goal: $229 USD (ships 1 dev kit to Eric) Stretch Goal: $458 (ships 1 dev kit to Eric and one dev kit to Dinesh - the kid from India who offered to trade design services for an EZ-B) Time Limit: 1/31/2015

Send donations to via paypal or Amex Serve

I will update our total in this thread at least every 2 days.

I will eat the Paypal recipient charges

I have sent an email to EZ-Robot to see if they are willing to give us a discount which would lower the goal, or allow us to forward the balance to the recipient(s) to cover his(their) customs charges and floated the idea of having them sponsor some kind of giving program so we can put some rules and structure around this kind of thing in the future.



Allen, I sent some $ to via PayPal for the 'Scholarship Fund'. There may be others who have done so too.



this is the paypall fonds



I sent some $ to via PayPal for the 'Scholarship Fund'. There may be others who have done so too.

Why in the world would you do that before EZ-Robot have even acknowledged the idea let alone set up anything. I certainly hope they do, but you may want to look into cancelling that transaction until we hear from them.



@Alan , I would check to see if these kids have a PayPal to be able to pay customs. However if it is sent as a gift they should avoid that.

United Kingdom

Not that I want to say I told you so but with a proper structure behind it problems such as funds being sent to the wrong address wouldn't happen;)


I agree , a way to add credit to someone else's account would be great but that's up to ez robot.



We are singing the same song, but it seemed the community was anxious to get started so I volunteered to coordinate this first time (I also offered to advise EZ-Robot if they want to set something up. I have a little experience in this area).


United Kingdom

Yeah, I know and understand.

Doesn't paypal have a tool for creating a button which can be used to donate? I know it used to. For simplicity it would probably pay to either post the button in this topic (if possible, however I believe it uses scripts so may not work) or throw together a quick and simple web page and link to it for donations.


Alan, I sent the $ to Ez-Robot because you said: "I sent an email to and copied Aisliin since I have her direct email address and this fits within the "marketing department" kind of activities.

Several of you have been quite generous. We are half-way to a developer kit already!


Why would you ask: "Why in the world would you do that before EZ-Robot have even acknowledged the idea let alone set up anything. I certainly hope they do, but you may want to look into cancelling that transaction until we hear from them."

I thought the fund was being set up by Ez-Robot.

I don't need to be put down for doing what I (and probably others) was the right thing.


Dear @OldBotBuilder, I am shure that Alan did not meant to put you down at all! It was just a misunderstand. we are simply doing an collective action here, that started with no other pretension of mine than share the idea of send a gift to a talented kid, and that became a seed for something that we think could help many others around the world, if the company decides to create a donations program.

But at this point, Ez-Robot did not jumped into the train... Then, Alan kindly offered to collect the donations for this specific action and do the handling. So, we are sending the funds to him at "" in PayPal.

If you think you can change your sending to Alan, instead of ez-robot, would be great. if not, that's ok. We appreciated your good intention. Thanks!


@OldBotBuilder ... Alan doesn't need me or anyone else to defend him, but I know Alan (well as best one can over an internet) so I highly doubt he had and malicious tone in his post... The worst thing you can say about Alan, is he is an honest straight up guy... Mistakes happen but we'll get things right, not to worry my friend...


Sorry @oldbotbuilder, I didn't mean to be insulting. I was surprised and over reacted.

My discussion of emailing EZ-Robot was to keep the community informed of my attempts to make this "official" and to see if we could get a discount. It was a follow-up to my post asking them those questions and Rich's suggestion to reach out to then by email. I didn't intend to imply that they agreed, but I see if you hadn't read every post in the thread and only looked at the newest posts it could have been mis-interpreted.

Sorry again.



DJ Sures ezrobot:) Posted 5 days ago I think that's a great idea Smile

words off dj himself in this topic.alan is doing great. this is the first time we do this offcourse there slips some misunderstandings in. oldrobot you are great to.its because we are human not robots.


Update for this morning:

We have raised $165, not counting whatever @oldbotbuilder and anyone else sent directly to EZ-Robot (hopefully we'll be able to pool those in with the order or they will set up a program long term and apply it to that).

18 days left in the program. I am feeling totally confident we will reach our goal, and reasonably confident we could reach the stretch goal.

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Some contributions came from users who did not post here, so unless you post I will assume you wanted to remain anonymous, but thanks to all of you.



well some say when you help people you get lucky also. i just got letter from a big firm here in belgium whit the note. i get an new android tablet 4.2.2 for 4 euro inclu chipping.:)

United Kingdom

Hey there, Everyone on here has been so kind to me I'm happy to spread the love. I don't have a paypal account though (they threw me out ages ago for having ones in multiple currencies) so if you could invoice from paypal for the fifteen bucks then that would be great. (invoicing means that I can pay without having a paypal account).



if you could invoice from paypal for the fifteen bucks then that would be great

Invoice sent.

I am looking into Rich's idea of a paypal button as well (I believe it also allows users to pay without having accounts).



Hey guys,

Awesome initiative. @thetechguru please email and I will handle the sale. I will need some details from you.

I just want to say that everyone at ezrobot is super excited about your guys' enthusiasm and this is for sure something that we will look into down the road with your help, but at the moment we just do not have the resources to dedicate to setting up a scholarship fund or allowing users to pitch in their ez-credit. I don't say that to be discouraging, I just want to be real with you guys.

Thanks for being such fantastic robotics ambassadors! :-)


Email sent to Stika. I'll keep everyone informed of the progress.

@oldbotbuilder, I asked Stika to contact you directly about the donation you sent to customersupport to see whether we can add it to the order or if they aren't able to take payments at that address, so no need to take any action for now.



Hey guys! I will check to see if (and how many) scholarship donations there are on our PayPal. It would definitely be best to go through Alan for this though. ;)



Can you forward my contribution to Alan?


@oldbotbuilder It's going to be tricky to retrieve the payment in full as PayPal takes a chunk of each "sale". Probably the easiest way to do it would be to cancel your payment (as it looks like it has not yet been accepted by ezrobot), and resend the funds to Alan!


Yeah, the nice thing about sending to me is that Paypal is only taking a cut of the international payments. All of the USA ones have come through for the full amount. I don't know if they were all funded from linked bank accounts. My experience in the past has been that they take a cut of credit card payments as well. I was prepared to eat that as part of my donation, but looks like in general I don't need to.



I sent my donation as a gift, specifically so you wouldn't get hit with a fee. :)

If sent as a gift the sender has the option of using their bank account (no fee for anyone) or credit card (fee with option for sender to pay it).

@thetechguru - Alan, thanks for coordinating the donations!

@tevans - thanks for starting something good! It will be great to see this grow and expand into a "Scholarship" to keep the goodness going.


i just send my donation too. these kids are going balistic when they recieve there ez kit.



Yes everyone send your PayPal payment as a gift to friends or family. That reduces the amount technopro has to eat from the donations. What is our donation count now?


@Jake Sticka , I realize that utilizing ez credit transferred from one account to another is counter intuitive to the business model. What I really meant to suggest is a way to buy ez credit. In cash so ez robot has not financial obligation when the community wants to help someone out. Even the ability to buy a Gift Card code in 10 , 20 or 50 dollar increments would be awesome. This is really a separate subject that probably needs it's own thread.


friends, I'm so happy that a little good intention triggered this amazing movement. and @WarPig, don't need to thank me... I am the one that should thank you guys for understanding the value of help other people, only for the joy of contribute.

And of course @Alan for spend not only money, but his valuable time to make this happen. I am sure we gonna make it and we are starting something great here.


People like the ones on this forum renew my hope in humanity.


We reached our primary goal tonight (Thanks Nomad for the very generous donation that pushed is over the edge). Aislinn and I have been talking offline about a possible discount and how to best place the order, so it may be a day or two until I place the one for Eric. When I see how likely it is that we will reach the stretch goal I'll track down Dinesh and get his info. If he isn't already reading the thread I don't want to get his hopes up until I know we'll make it.



I would just like to take a moment to say that this this community is without a doubt the best out there.

United Kingdom

Agreed! Although, fellas, let's throw a little help closer to home! No one's posted on my forum question for at least three days. I am SHOCKED.:)

My teddy ruxpin post


i want the kids to feel what i feel,pure excitment&alive



dont be happens some times. avery one is doing there best to help avery one.



wel... if you call 1.63 cm tall big,thanks hehe


I have no words to thank you guys! You ate the best! That's the proof that emotional intelligence is the spark for the next step in robotics. That's the real Revolution. :D


@nomad... you're only 1.63cm tall? Wow, you can fit inside JD and drive him yourself...:D



hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha thats a good one. good idea make a jd suit


@Oldbotbuilder, EZ-Robot forwarded your contribution to me, so we are all set.

Current status: $245 contributed.



Truly remarkable guys! :D


Today's status:

Waiting on an update from Aislinn on possible discount and the best way to place the order without using up all of my store credit:) (not a complaint Aislinn, I know how busy you all are).

Current status still $245 contributed to date, so we have met our goal, working towards the stretch goal.



alan its a start.howmany members are there here? the goal was 450 dollars?


Goal was $229, strech goal $460.

I just heard from Aislinn, and we are getting a 10% discount and I have ordering instructions, so I'll order Eric's kit this weekend.



@Alan... OK, but if we see you with a sun tan, can we assume Eric didn't get his kit?:D


I will throw out an additional 20 dollars donation next Friday , aka Payday lol and hopefully others will throw out some nickels and dimes and we should reach the goal in about a week.


Developer kit has been ordered for Eric. I also sent him $40 to help offset the cost of customs and taxes.

If we don't hit the stretch goal by 1/31, I'll be contacting each of you who contributed to ask how you want to handle your share of the balance.

choices are:

  1. Contribute to the extra $40 I sent Eric (if not, then that is my gift to him) with refund proportional to your contribution of any remaining balance (currently none, but may go up if we get additional donations before the 31st)

  2. refund proportional to your contribution not counting the extra money for customs and tax offset since that was not part of the original proposal

  3. Leave in the account for the next time we do this. I am discussing with Aislinn getting EZ-Robot permission for me to set up an independent (until EZ feel's they are ready to take over) giving program so we can make contributions easier and set up some rules for applying. If approved, I'll open a new thread soliciting suggestions as well as a selection committee.




Please let us know when you receive your EZ-B, and share any videos, pictures, or instructibles so we see how you are using it.



Great news Alan! Well, of we did not got the stretch goal, you can use my contribution to the extra $ you sent to Eric. And again, count on me to any future action. thank you all!


Well done guys! We're proud of you!


Hallo Alan, Tevans and All,

Today it seems that dream has become a true, a dream 2 years ago where I tried to make one friend, and hope he's alive, but could not move on its own at all until now, and starting to appear second dream to give life to him. one life for my friend from a small board, but unfortunately the limitations require that I be patient to get it, then one guy friend ask for email addresses.

three days later he sent me an email. When I read the email I immediately jump happily. and 6 days later I've had things that I dreamed about thanks to you all.

When I was child, I imagine the angels look like a Princess with wings on his back, turns out I was wrong they did not look like it, even including some mustache or bearded, and this time they were delivering one life to my friend, the life on a small board called EZ-B.

I could not reply to anything for the good of all of you, just pray for the good guys, and a sincere Thanks.

Thankyou so much,

Eric Dirgahayu


Ok, I feel guilty... we have way too much here in the western world..... We need to learn how to be more humble and appreciative of the things we have....

Eric, your welcome... I am sure when I say this... All of us here would love to feel the way you feel right now....:)

Go do great things my friend...

PS... Maybe DJ will invite you to apprentice at ez robot for a while... hint, hint... you certainly have the skills:)


#Richard R

Thankyou Richard,

Yeah that's nice, I will try to do the best thing, and won't ever stop to share what I have, share one thing for the world, then the world will share everything for you.

To work in the field of Robot it is my biggest dream.:) hope someday



i agree,we have way to much.


welcome on board:)


@EricEZ so good to see you on here! We are very happy to have you. :)


@ericEZ, @ricdart, very happy to read your post in the EZB forum. Welcome to the group and enjoy robot building with your new EZB(4).


Just so that no one is confused. @ricdart and @ericEZ are the same person. I set up the ericEZ account so that I could log on and place the order, but he would get the shipping notices and it would be registered in his name for warranty purposes.



Halo Nomad, Aislinn, Robot-Doc,

I am pleased to be here among you all.

#Alan, No Problem, from now on I will be using this account, thank you've made it, I just love the user name of ericEZ:)


#Nomad, Thankyou,

#Alan, the money you transfer to my paypal already up as well and I've pulled it into my bank account, thank you.



I am surprised to see that shipping from Canada and not China. I guess EZ-Robot got some stock sent to their headquarters.



just information.

the packet just arrived in Hong Kong:)

I have now is preparing the wall. e to receive programs from EZ-B, because my wall.e is analog system, so use DC motor Gearbox before, and now I'm trying to change the gearboxs into the servo by adding motor controller module from damage servo . and here's how I changed the gearbox into the servo,


The developer kit we sent you includes an 2 amp H-bridge that can drive two DC motors, so for the drive wheels, you should not need to do any conversion unless they are larger than 2 amp motors. Other joints (arms, neck, etc..) should probably be converted to servos. The kit includes four heavy duty servos and two continuous rotation servos, so depending on the weight of the parts, you may be able to just swap out the motors for the included servos.



Hallo Alan, d.Cochran,

#d.cochran, Your welcome:)

#Alan, Thats good, my wall e consists of 14 motor for joint head, hand and suspension (already replaced with modification gearbox), and 2 DC motor gearbox for whell but maybe I will install the relay in this section because of the need to be 5amp proceeded well, because my wall.e very heavy.:)

Thanks Alan,

Eric Dirgahayu



more close...:)

User-inserted image



put your helmet on.incase you pass out.hahaha:D

United Kingdom

@Alan, EZ-Robot has some stock in Calgary, warranty items come from Canada so I presume they have a few of each in stock too. This may mean that import duty and taxes may pass through too (Canadian sent stuff to me tends to pass through without any charges) which is great:)


@Nomad, I was ready with my helmet, borrow from my real steal robots.:)

User-inserted image


@Eric , cool looking helmet. I look forward to seeing how you do your walle. Converting gear motors into servos is always cool.


@jstarne, thankyou,

in Indonesia is still very expensive Robot parts including the servo, so I am trying to find a way to get a servo has a strong torque but cheap, and this is what i thinking first by me.

Using $2 Dc gearbox and driver control modul from broken servo.:)


thats a serieus helmet


eek eek eek eekomg i cant belive this i am going to save for the taxes tell me how much that costs :D:D


@nomad, not how serious it is, it's just a helmet made of pvc water pipes also ...;)




it's just a helmet made of pvc water pipes also
...Dude, you have some serious fabricating skills... I think we should have sent you a 3D printer or a cnc milling machine instead of the ez robot developers kit...:)


@Richard, I do not know can afford or do not pay customs tax if you guys send me a 3d Printer or CNC hahaha blush ...but EZ-Board has been highly enough for me and I thank them. :)


@EricEZ I know Eric they are a little expensive... I just admiring your fabricating skills....


Yeeeeeeeeyyyyy...... Im so very happy... thankyou all,

What should I do to reciprocate the kindness you all. Hopefully there's goodness around all of you.

User-inserted image

bes regard, eric dirgahayu


Congrats @Eric!.... No need to repay us dude... except for maybe showing us what you can do with the ezb and your wall-e project....:)


Hi Nomad..Richard,

Thank you, all right for a couple of days I'm going to fix my wall.e (He paused too long until there is a part that needs to be fix) until she actually live, and wait for what he can do for you guys though just small offerings in video:)


Videos are always appreciated. I enjoy them immensely and especially wall.e good luck.


thankyou Robot-Doc:)


We did it, friends! Thank you all.


Yep, Eric is probably on top of the world right now.... :)


you really know what I was feeling Richard, ... hahaha, seriously I felt on top of the world and I was ready with my helmet..hahaha (safety first...)


@EricEZ so glad to see you did a video! I cannot wait to see your next video!

Everyone else- you are amazing. @thetechguru Alan- so nice of you to organize everything! :)


Halo Aislinn,:)

the package actually came in the night before, and then I jumped and afterwards could not sleep and wait for morning fast day.

now I'm fixing all mechanical of my wall e., and immediately install the Ez-board to him and prepared to make the movie walle sesion 2 ... hahaha (im fell very lucky and happy) , Thankyou Aislinn

United Kingdom

This is amazing. So glad to have thrown in a bit for this. Awesome news Eric.


Hi Bongobong,:)

yes ... I am glad, finally get to see ez-board directly.

Thankyou Bongobong.

Eric Dirgahayu


why my ez-cam always disable.. confused all is conected, and servo is work.


@EricEZ. There are two halves to the camera board. carefully pull them apart and push them together to make sure they are fully connected. Also unplug and replug the cable on both ends, and if you have a multi-meter, check that there is continuity between the pin holes in the cable ends. One of my cameras had one of the wires that wasn't crimped well and just needed to be pushed into the connector a little further to work.

If it still doesn't work, contact EZ-Robot through the Contact Us page and select Warranty Replacement, and they will contact you about shipping a new camera (or may give additional troubleshooting steps). A few of the cameras came from the factory bad and needed to be replaced.

This is the main reason I created the account and ordered in your name, so that you would have easy warranty support if any of the parts were bad.



Hallo Alan, how do you do?

I have long searched for you long time no seen.

all the steps I've tried and I've been using multy tester and everything is good, even the led blinking when turned on the camerapun at Ez-board. but when choosing a camera with that connection, disable camera News appears. and the program is good, sy try using webcam laptop and work. It's just that using a camera on the Ez-boar is always stated camere disable.

oke thankyou Alan.

User-inserted image


Everything looks correct in your configuration. Only other thing to check before contacting EZ-Robot for warranty replacement is if you are running firewall software, you might want to try to disable it, or if it is sophisticated enough, add port 24 as an exception.



oke Alan, i will try, thankyou


I think your camera's ip is missing a .23 at the end


@A.Bautista, Whenever I star again and again even after I reset the same, so what a solution as well, thankyou:)



I think your camera's ip is missing a .23 at the end

No, that is incorrect. The :23 is for the EZB, not for the camera. Technically, the camera uses port 24, but the EZB:// takes care of that so it should just be the IP address:



What does the camera do when it tries to connect? There is a blue light that you can see (if in a case in a dark room). Is it blinking, not on at all or solid?

you might need to take the camera out of the case and make sure that the 2 camera boards are seated together good. Also disconnect and reconnect the cable.


I had missed that you had already been asked to do this. I would contact ez-robot through the Contact Us link.


Yes the blue led on the camera flashes when the ez-b is turned on, but the camera always disable, I already check all pin connections from 2 board camera and also the wire connection to the ez-board even I use multy tester to check it all OK, but when I clik start disable camera message appears.


is still camera disable until now... tired


Eric, did you use the Contact Us page to make a warranty claim? EZ-Robot will send a replacement if it doesn't wirk, but not from a forum post.



Yeah I've been submitting Alan, and Aislinn has replied to my email, my reply and then send you a video about this issue. but haven't gotten a reply anything, so I am trying to open a discussion'


Please tell me i getting one dev kit blush blushis it true confused confused confused confused confused


If it is true mail me at delhi.kra



I am sorry, we did not reach our stretch goal this time, so we won't be sending you a kit in the short term.

I am working on making this process more official and we'll have an application process and evaluation criteria. Once that is in place, I'll let you know how to apply.



@thetechguru , how far from stretch goal did we get?


@Josh, very far.

All who donated, expect an email from me this week asking how you want to handle your share of the slight overpayment beyond the goal. I am on a business trip today, but will send something out tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.



I cannot belive that i am going to start my ambition eyeroll eyeroll I think it takes more time confused:D blush


Ok i am going to start lessons about programing


Yes, Dinesh, it will take more time. I hope to have time this weekend to put together my proposal for an application, selection, and collection process.

Not sure when or even if we'll have our second scholarship.

I'll keep you informed.



I am waiting and in hope i had started my lessons i like those lessons and it is helful to my conputer science project about ai eyeroll eyeroll thats good idea dj teaching in our community :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


i can get one or not but thanks for your kindness on me guys time is most valuable thankyou for spending it for me:):)


can i send those mails confused confused are we are not going to start strech goal:(:(:(:(:(:(


@dinish, I will contact you directly if and when we are able to set up another round of "scholarships" with instructions for applying. We did not come anywhere close to meeting the stretch goal, so we won't be sending you an EZ-B kit until we have some kind of official program, approved by EZ-Robots, running.

I am too busy with work the next few weeks to work on setting it up and talking to EZ-Robot about it.



guys were are we now confused confused........ are we near or far confused confused confused


@Dinish As I have said before, you will need to wait until we have a more official program with applications and award criteria. I'll email you when we are ready for applications. This collection is finished as of 1/31 and we did not come close to the stretch goal.



Where are we confused confused confused i am going to get one or not confused confusedplease tell........

United Kingdom

I think you already got your answer in post #193.


I don not get it please tell me confused confused confused


Making a robot is a distint dream to me so you will get that how eagerly am i waiting till now that eagerness is not decreasing :D:D:D


@Dinesh, please re-read post 193. This scholarship expired without reaching the stretch goal. Keep your eyes open for contests from EZ-B, and I will email you if and when we do another scholarship collection to tell you how to apply. Continuing to ask in this thread will not help, and I will not be answering you again in this thread.



Sorry to ask can we start stretch goal this year no ez contest so cool confusedI know I don't know anything about ezb but I will learn give me a chance thankyou stress stress tired


I will use it in my inspire contest next year please stress tired


I will expliain my idea at 11-4-2016 thankyou :D:D:D:D


If I disturb anyone please forgive me:(:(


are any one there confused confused confused confused


hello any one replay confused confused


Hello Dinesh, I have a gift for you.

User-inserted image


Hi, your $270.00 AU gift card has been delivered. Enjoy.

My time here at the forum has come to an end. Take care.




That was very generous of you.

If you are still reading the board, please send me an email (my address is in my profile). I would like to discuss something out of the public eye with you (that might entice you come back to our community).




thankyou what is a gift card because i didn"t know about that how can i use that what gmail id did u send:D:D:D


my gmail id is user name delhibabu dinesh


@dinish.kra I don't think Giskard is participating in the forum anymore. Use the Contact Us link and copy this link in your message to have someone at EZ-Robot find your gift card and send it to you.

He gave you enough to buy at least a developer kit or an AdventureBot. Maybe more depending on the AU to CA exchange rate.



why did he leave the forum ?after a big donation,


@Nomad. Not for public discussion. Read theads he participated in or send me an email (address in my profile) if you want me to explain.



can anyone give me instructions


Copy the link I posted (which points to the 21st page of this thread) . Click on the Contact Us link below. Explain in your message that Giskard sent you a gift card but had your email address wrong and paste in the link to the thread so they know what you are talking about.



Very good. It may take them a couple of days to get back to you. It is still the weekend here and they are moving offices so not sure how quickly they are responding to requests.



ok i will contact on next monday


No need to Contact Us - the address of the donation matches Please check your email for a gift card email to redeem from EZ-Robot. There is nothing we can do on this end unless you redeem by using the email that was sent to you.


Be sure to check your spam folder. Gmail sometimes treats EZ-Robot email as spam unless you add them to your contact list.



Items in this Order

eCard ($200) USD To: dinesh.kra Redeemed at 5/4/2016 3:43:07 AM


Your a good dude Giskard. Not many people would do that. Pat on the back.


totally - super awesome community! I have verified that denish had received the gift email, so he's good to go. This will sure help him build more amazing robots!



That was incredibly nice of you. When we collected funds to get a kit for Eric, we couldn't quite pull together enough to hit the stretch goal of also getting a kit for Dinesh, and I haven't had the time to try another "scholarship" collection (We - several community members - wanted to put together some application submission and review rules, and it is a pretty big job to pull together. The addition of gift cards in the EZ-R store simplifies one big part of it though).

I am looking forward to seeing what Dinesh creates.




you have a very big heart.i wish you lots off luck in whatever you want to do.


@ Dave Schulpius - Thank you. Dinesh deserved it.

@ DJ Sures - I hope so.

@ thetechguru - Thank you and everyone else involved in the scholarship. I read this thread soon after I arrived and loved the idea of robotic gifting. I saw that you were unable to reach your goal for Dinesh and my servos and micro controller cried about that.

@ Nomad 6R - Your kind words and wishes are most appreciated.


@Giskard Today I'm very proud of being part of this community! When I created this thread, several months ago, I could never imagine that we could not only send a gift to a very talent kid in Indonesia, but also inspire other friends to spread kindness. Thank you guys, so much! Tevans


guys srry for late exam tensions

dijures i have few doubts

what is duty tax

is delivery charge is free for developer kit

is it cash for the duty tax

did i need to show any proof

pls replay



i mean the delivery charges how much i need to pay

did i need to show any proof


Import duties are the taxes of your country. They differ per country. If you know your sales tax, that's what you pay when it arrives. The tax is on the product cost. Ezrobot doesn't collect the taxes because it's an accounting nitemare and we would need to increase product price to pay for additional effort - so it's easier for you to pay taxes upon delivery.

Short answer, I don't know your country's sales tax.


did i need to show any proofs


DHL (the delivery company) will either send you a bill for any taxes and import duty, or will contact you to have you pay before they deliver. If you provided a cell phone number when you ordered, DHL will send you a text prior to delivery and it will include information on whether or not you will need to pay import duty and how much it will be.



can i pay them with cash


here dhl send an sms with uniek code.then you have to log on and fill in , track number and the code if you got and pay.if you do not have to to pay, you get sms with delivery date and another sms when he's near you. in range off 15 min.this is how it works here in belgium.


d jures i typed in google as inias sales ta it is shown as like this

India Sales Tax Rate | VAT 2006-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast. The Sales Tax Rate in India stands at 14.50 percent. Sales Tax Rate in India averaged 12.78 percent from 2006 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 14.50 percent in 2015 and a record low of 12.36 percent in 2012.


If they have a local office to you, maybe, or you may be able to pay the delivery person directly. I don't know how they operate in India. In the US, they do everything with credit card on the internet, but India is more of a cash based society, so my be different there.



because i dont have credit cards


did i need t show any proof



if you do not have to to pay
is there any way for zero taxes normard


maxmimum how much th delivery charge will be and i need on cash on deliver


the only possebility that you dont have to pay is that the seller send it as gift, or as sample.but this is also not 100 way diff for avery country.


take my ezb gift card and can you give me amazon gift card


is this possible it is easiest way


will it need amazon id or email id


i will send this gift card as ezb gift card


am in belgium,we cant use i think this topic need a good end. so what do you need from ez parts ?keep the gift for a moment. this topic has taken to long,its needs a solution now.



You should use EZRobot Gift, I don't think is honest to try trade for other stuff.


i just reread #110 so funny haha


@ Dinesh - No, you do not need ID for delivery, just someone there to sign for it. I am so very sorry that you are having problems with the gift I sent. I will also pay the tax for you.

@ DJsures - DHL states: "A gift is defined as something sent directly by one private individual to another and such goods do not attract import tax if the value is below stated local thresholds. Ordering and paying for goods that originate outside of your country or customs territory for shipping to a person other than the purchaser, does not satisfy the customs definition of being a gift." Are you able to pay this ridiculous tax your end prior to sending? If so, let me know the costs and I will pay you accordingly and prior to sending of course.


@Giskard It seems i have spend most of money given by inspire due to low duration of time

i will definetly buy ezb but i need to save some money for it

dont need to pay taxes for me you have given a lot of money for me



eventhough it is not too good project i have less time to submit it

I think that is a great idea.

With your EZ-B and camera, and a battery powered compact computer to control it, you could expand this idea to recognize specific objects and tell the person what it sees, not just how far away it is. (recognition of random objects is somewhat limited now, but the technology will only get better over time. I have an Android app called CamFind hat uses a cloud service to recognize what is in a picture. At the worst, it describes the object, and sometimes it can very specifically id it).




what do you still need ?


So please forgive me.... but am I understanding correctly? Someone sent you a gift of money to purchase an ezb and you spent the money elsewhere?


no no i did use that money but i used inpire money a competition that gives Rs 5000 to do a project but i spent most of it

@thetechguru that was my view but they say the submission date befor 5 days so i done them with ardunio i mean using ezb


@Dinesh Hi this is Giskard, I had to open a new account because DJSures has blocked/banned my old one for telling the truth about their crappy servos. I wish you all the best in your life and what you ultimately do with the gift is up to you.

@DJSures My wishes for you can't be expressed in a public forum but I am sure you know that I am disgusted with your tactics and response. I see that you have deleted my original thread regarding burnt out servos! You can ban this account also (as you do), I wont be wasting my time on you any further.


Oh this program continues, Therefore, this programs I have now got a lot of work, not even got around to create different project again to share. If I had enough money I would like to contribute and participate in future, thanks to all of you