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What About We Send Him A Gift?

Hi friends
Browsing around the instructables site I found this kid in Indonesia! His version of wal-e made of junk really impressed me.


Specially because all the electronics are taken from old toys! I wrote him asking if he have heard about EZ-b. He said yes, but unfortunately have no money to buy one.
So, I was wandering, with that kind of talent, what this kid would be able to do with an Ez-b in hands..
So, here is my proposition. Why don't we send him a board as a gift?!
Mabe we could find 20 members that could contribute with, let's say, 15 dollars, and we could send him that?
What you guys think?
And, DJ, do you think the shop would be able to manage contributions and send him the kit?
Just an idea...
Greetings from Brazil!


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maxmimum how much th delivery charge will be and i need on cash on deliver
the only possebility that you dont have to pay is that the seller send it as gift,
or as sample.but this is also not 100 percent.it way diff for avery country.
take my ezb gift card and can you give me amazon gift card
is this possible it is easiest way
will it need amazon id or email id
i will send this gift card as ezb gift card
am in belgium,we cant use amazone.do i think this topic need a good end.
so what do you need from ez parts ?keep the gift for a moment.
this topic has taken to long,its needs a solution now.

You should use EZRobot Gift, I don't think is honest to try trade for other stuff.
i just reread #110 so funny haha
@ Dinesh - No, you do not need ID for delivery, just someone there to sign for it. I am so very sorry that you are having problems with the gift I sent. I will also pay the tax for you.

@ DJsures - DHL states: "A gift is defined as something sent directly by one private individual to another and such goods do not attract import tax if the value is below stated local thresholds. Ordering and paying for goods that originate outside of your country or customs territory for shipping to a person other than the purchaser, does not satisfy the customs definition of being a gift." Are you able to pay this ridiculous tax your end prior to sending? If so, let me know the costs and I will pay you accordingly and prior to sending of course.
It seems i have spend most of money given by inspire due to low duration of time

i will definetly buy ezb but i need to save some money for it

dont need to pay taxes for me you have given a lot of money for me


eventhough it is not too good project i have less time to submit it

I think that is a great idea.

With your EZ-B and camera, and a battery powered compact computer to control it, you could expand this idea to recognize specific objects and tell the person what it sees, not just how far away it is. (recognition of random objects is somewhat limited now, but the technology will only get better over time. I have an Android app called CamFind hat uses a cloud service to recognize what is in a picture. At the worst, it describes the object, and sometimes it can very specifically id it).


what do you still need ?
So please forgive me.... but am I understanding correctly? Someone sent you a gift of money to purchase an ezb and you spent the money elsewhere?
no no i did use that money but i used inpire money a competition that gives
Rs 5000 to do a project but i spent most of it

that was my view but they say the submission date befor 5 days so i done them with ardunio i mean using ezb
@Dinesh Hi this is Giskard, I had to open a new account because DJSures has blocked/banned my old one for telling the truth about their crappy servos. I wish you all the best in your life and what you ultimately do with the gift is up to you.

@DJSures My wishes for you can't be expressed in a public forum but I am sure you know that I am disgusted with your tactics and response. I see that you have deleted my original thread regarding burnt out servos! You can ban this account also (as you do), I wont be wasting my time on you any further.
Oh this program continues, Therefore, this programs I have now got a lot of work, not even got around to create different project again to share.
If I had enough money I would like to contribute and participate in future, thanks to all of you