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Well, first I'm a Dad of 3 beautiful girls, who i wish enjoyed geeky stuff like me, but I also have 4 grand babies, 3 of which are boys, so there is still a chance to get some help on these projects lol :) Plus my grand daughter is young enough to convert into a geek before it to late. After that, I'm a Industrial systems integrator and designer for a plastics company in NY, going on 25 years now. The last 15 years i've spent heading up the Vision inspection implementation, which i love!! So basically, i get to spend tons of money, play with awesome toys, and amazing camera systems!!! Love my job!! Most of what i do revolves around reengineering existing systems to update them and refit them with components that i usually design inhouse. Now, for electronics!! lol NOT!!, well, not till very recently, now i have the bug and can't get enough :) I love playing in new areas of design, and looking to push myself to new levels. Finding this community, is just what i needed to get me out of my comfort zone. Very happy to be apart of this!!!


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Latest submissions

Picking The Right Sabertooth

Picking The Right Sabertooth

Hey guys :) Im looking at getting a Sabertooth on order and not really which one to go with. I'm using a Jazzy Elite Electric Chair, that states a 40 amp system,...
Continuous Servo Direction

Continuous Servo Direction

I have a modified servo that is only spinning in one direction. Example, click forward, it rotates clockwise at one speed, then reverse, spins clockwise at a slower...

Onboard Computer Option, Opinion

Hi guys :) Im working on putting together the bits and pieces to our project and was looking for an opinion of using this type of approach to an on board computer. My goal is to ensure that the rover does not drop signal and go dark on me. The Project Jarvis video shows him using Arduino, (poor guy ) lol but im looking at the mother board he is...

Camera With Servo

I have the camera mounted on a Servo for playing with color tracking. When i move the color (red) in front of the camera, it turns completely away from it, if i again move in from it will do a 180 and face in the opposite direction. I tried changing some options, and even setting the limit (50-90) to how far it would move, but still does the same...


Hi guys, I apologize in advance if this is a repeat post. I tried posting it once, but not seeing it. Im having an issue with trying to setup a Ping Sensor and a Servo. I see the post about batteries and current, and just wondering if the ones im using will be ok, or not so much :( I have Energizers 2000 mah rechargeable batteries. My problem is...


Hey guys :) Finally glad to have officially joined the EZ B Club! Just got my kit and ready to conquer the world, one robot at a time lol. I've got a very simple and almost bonehead question, but honestly having a problem finding anything clearly showing positive and negative on the board. Found it for the earlier versions, but not for the new...
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