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Webots Implement To ARC

Dear dj I'm not sure if ARC has a 3d map genetator for programmable task because I haven't got to use the ez builder software, but if not i would like to know if webots software can be implemented with ARC by downloading or if it can't be I would like to see future implementation with ez-builder. I know that ARC has a EZ-Script writer, but I am wanting to create a 3d generated map layout of my house like robotis of korea does with darwin-op, so that my robot omega is able to explore and do task that I script for him. That way instead of seeing just object detection but also know my house like I do. if ARC has this type of software installed with it, then I fell pretty stupid lol
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I was interested in seeing if there was a way to incorporate these two together until I saw the price of Webots.

Webots 8 PRO From CHF 3,450.00
Webots 8 PRO (with academic discount) From CHF 2,300.00
Webots 8 EDU From CHF 320.00
USB dongle for Webots 7 (only for Webots 7 users, no license included) From CHF 50.00
Webots Premier service renewal: Contact Us directly

I think I will have to pass because of these costs...
We have a few new products that are being announced - as you can see some of them being the 4-in-1 Orientation Sensor and Inverted Pendulum. We have many others in the works. And now that the process to release new products has been determined, we have many new products to be released monthly.

The next one which we are working on currently is an updated ez-robot camera. The new camera has even better color, brightness and high-res snapshot capabilities.

Following the new camera, one of the features that we are announcing is a pure wifi camera module which hosts two cameras. This new module will also include a beacon that attaches to robots. When mounted in the corner of a room, this allows the software to know where the robot is. Similar to what you asked about - the difference is? We won't have to worry about some cheesy 3d rendered graphics... Ours will be the actual real room.

Stay tuned:)


pure wifi camera module which hosts two cameras

And you made fun of me when I said I wanted two cameras on one robot...;)

Now, with binocular vision, can I get you to reconsider adding Google Cardboard support? Heck of a lot cheaper than Oculus Rift if you already have an Android phone available, even if you buy one of the plastic versions instead of an actual cardboard one.

More seriously... Wow. Just wow!

:) We'll see what can be done with cardboard and two cameras. Not certain how that works just yet with distance between two cameras. It'll be neat to see how it works when we have it.
LOL! If that isn't fuel to get this done, I don't know what is:D
@DJ you are so cruel ... waving soon to be released robot goodies in front of our nerd noses:P You are taking advantage of the weak and geeky... for shame:D
Wow that sounds great, that's way better than the out dated webots software. I like that that know we will be able to use two cams instead of one that makes it possible to give my robot true two eye balls lol thanks dj I like that you always have better solutions to my question. I will be taking avantage of the new tech and software to help make omega even better than I planned lol. Ez-robot Rocks!:D
Guess we will just have to set up a direct deposit from our paychecks to EZ Robots:D
Lol dang rite now if only I was able to do that I would have a house full of ez-robots lol
@Dj can you confirm the size of the new EZB camera. Is it the same size....Gawd i hope so...
The other thing we could potentially be able to figure out with two cameras is depth perception. Make object tracking and finding much more accurate.

@fxrtst I can confirm that the new camera will fit in the existing camera enclosure and JD's head, if that helps.
Inverted Pendulum robots must consume alot more battery power to constantly be updating position and orientation. The motors must be active all the time?!


Inverted Pendulum robots must consume alot more battery power to constantly be updating position and orientation. The motors must be active all the time?!
Depends on how well the robot balances to begin with - You could build a low center of gravity so it has a fairly wide "sweet spot", but yeah, I suspect so.

Thanks that helps a lot! ( wipes sweat off brow)