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I like the one where the power tool lands on top of him after he falls down.... Talk about a scene from the Simpsons LOL :D


this is an eye opener.never thoughht it was this bad. is this the atlas robot from darpa?


Yeah I've been watching the darpa videos with astonishment. It's truly eye opening to see how poorly these largely funded groups are performing. To think our technology and combined community could have easy dominated this competitions - really puts our achievements into perspective.

What we lack, as a community is the ability to work together on a combined effort. I don't know what that would look like - but it's neat to imagine what the result would have been :)


i did follow them to.i though this is the next army to come. not to mention the noise they make.and to think they have to clean up, tjernobill.

wolfie thanks for posting


ROTFL! I wonder if this is what happened when their robot's OS auto updates?


I definitely LOLed

Great Britain

has anyone tries to... upscale JD so inmoov can have legs. it seems a bit silly having a humanoid robot without legs


I think its funny how they spend $$$$$$$$ and end up with a cool looking pile of junk We can spend next to nothing use "junk" and end up with what they try to have lol