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Luis, Very cool script. Thanks for sharing video.


That's amazing! You've made me super proud! I can't even describe the smile I have on my face


Wait till i get his neck going right. So many Great Ideas . Thank you for this incredible platform to work with .


Really a great interaction, got me hooked, wanna see more !


Very good job. I love the contributions you have made to the community. Keep up the great work!


Thank .. I will try to document most of what I'm doing as I am trying to work outside the box here.


Thank you for sharing that! Awesome video! I really appreciate the way you explained what the robot would do, showed how it worked and how you setup it in the script. Very well done. I liked the way you flipped the camera view in ARC too.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who has to look up what speech commands I have set for my robots. :)


I forgot to mention that you can check for the object with $CameraIsTracking (Which is a 0/1 or true/false)

So you can do this...

if ($CameraIsTracking = 1)
  SayEZB("I see an object")
  SayEZB("There is no object ")


if ($CameraIsTracking = true)
  SayEZB("I see an object")
  SayEZB("There is no object ")


if ($CameraIsTracking)
  SayEZB("I see an object")
  SayEZB("There is no object ")

You can see what the Camera Variables are by...

  1. Pressing the Configuration Gear on the CAmera Control

  2. Selecting SCRIPTS tab from the camera control configuration window

  3. Selecting VARIABLES tab

It will look like this...

User-inserted image


Thanks , that is a way more elegant way to handle that.

I program in many languages and am still learning the syntax of EZScript.

I know if I started posting code you guys would set me straight.


@Luis Did you post your project on the cloud? I cannot find it. I would like to learn from what you have done.

Thanks. Wayne


Sorry @WayneA I have not done that yet. I will get to that later today. I need to clean up some personal stuff from the project first. If you are subscribed to this post . I will post here when I have it up , so you can get notified.


@Luis Ok. Thank You very much!


Hello all and @WayneA

Sorry about the delay .. I have posted the project with the vision interaction to the cloud.

file name is JD vission

Let me know if you can find it.


@Luis I found your code from the cloud. I think it is very good for me to learn from. On a darkside, my poor computer cannot keep up with the vision and microphone listening. I seriously need to update my computer system.

Thank You Very Much.

United Kingdom

Dude sweet project, thanks for sharing :-)

United Kingdom

Hi there Luis,

Can you please assist, I have been looking at your code for my K9 project. I was wondering about tye "RSS" part when you ask JD to look for something, what does that relate too?

Thanks in advance :-)