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Using Arduino Mega As A Isolation Device

Looking for an inexpensive way to isolate the EZBv4 signal line from the Hitech 805bb servos on my inMoov.
I am think of using 2 Ardunio megas as isolation devices.
Connecting the EZB servo ports to pins 0 - 24 of the Arduino and the servos to pins 30 - 54 of the Arduino
and using the following code (just a quick sketch)


void setup() {
for (int i=0;i<25;i++)



void loop() {
int val = 0;
for (int i=0;i<25;i++)
val = digitalRead(i);


I have not tried it yet, thought I would bounce it off the community first.

Your thoughts?


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I’m guessing the fluke was a short to positive on the signal wire in the servo 

if you look at high quality servos, such as the ezrovot hdd’s, they’ll have a glue like substance on the pcb where the wire is soldered. This prevents the signal wire from hitting the positive wire under stress

im guessing the servos in question don’t have that. Perhaps the preemptive solution is to put some hot glue on the pcb where the wires solder
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@rz90208 - Perhaps you could elaborate a bit on the DC converters you are using. You mention 2. Is one powering the EZB's and the other the servos? If so, is there a common ground? Is there a common power buss to your servos? At this point you should only have the servo signal wire and ground connecting to your EZB. Is this how you are wired?
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I do believe your problem could somewhere lies in your power configuration.
Some cheaper DC to DC converters are notorious noisy and has caused me issues in the past. Not to your extent of blowing out ports, but it has caused very strange issues.
Also what current rating are they?
Do you have access to an oscilloscope to look at the 6v DC power lines?
United Kingdom

Looks like you have been over everything in your passed posts.

Just curious, but have you reverted to having two battery packs one for servos and one for the EZB controllers. And discounting the Dell PSU and the dc to dc converters, and see if you get this problem??
No I have not. After replacing the servo and the 2 EZB lower boards and have not powered up the Robot.
I have been trying to come up with a way to insure it does not happen again.