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Using 60 Kg Servo For Higher Torque

I need more torque for a robot I am building, I am thinking of using the JX servo PDI-HV2060MG 60KG Metal Gear High Voltage Core Digital servo 1/5Car

Has anyone got a tips OR advice on using larger torque servo. Can it be used with separate power supply etc?

Thanks for any help
UK based

Any news on the new RGB 8x8 Display units ?


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Hello, thankyou for participating in the community. I need a bit more information about your application. generally speaking a high torque servo in a gearbox, or making a custom servo from a large gear motor and kangaroo controller can be used as well.
Well, that's about 833 oz/in torque. Pretty impressive for a $40(ish) servo. Another more expensive option would be to put a servo into a gearbox. ServoCity has some very impressive assorted styles or gearbox/servo combinations. You can choose from surface, channel or tube mounted gearboxes. They come with or without feedback and different turn radiuses. Truly a wonderful and amazing product. The right setup with a standard size servo could get you a Maximum torque of 3304oz-in and minimum transit time of .28sec/60° or more. Here ya go:
ServoCity Gear Boxes and Servos
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Thanks for your message

you asked for more information:

My hobby is building all types of mechanical objects including robots based on the EX robot controller. I am not an electronic person thus EZ controller suits me.
Thus, my question, aimed at making sure I do not damage the controller and can use a second power source for the large servo ,using a gear train to give max load etc. The large servo is part of a robot arm and leg parts, on top of a large hexapod. The design stands about 20+inchs tall and is mostly made from 3D printed parts OR laser cut parts

Hope this helps
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Back again, following up on your ideas, could this type of powerfully servo be controlled and power via the ez controller. See picture

thanks all

User-inserted image
I have those high torque servos (above picture)... they work very well with the ezb4... You just need to power the servo separately with between 12 and 24v... Other than that they just plug into the ezb4 (and are controlled) like any other hobby servo...
I just placed an order from China for these but they are even stronger versions, 380kg/cm. My question to you Richard,how loud are they?
This thread was very informative and helpful for me. I am looking at using ASMC-40 servo myself by integrating them into the shoulders and elbows of my Omnibot 2000. I wanted the arms of my Omnibot a little longer, so I was going to model and 3d print new ones out of ABS. Using the ASMC servos is what I had in mind.
@Will... The servos I have are almost silent... so definitely pretty quiet...
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Hi All

Very helpful I have ordered some of the servo versions, 380kg/cm

great power, easy to fit

I will be making 300+ date file 3D (STL and 2D files for laser cutting) available should you be interested (in about four to six mouth, once I have printed and tested each item etc )

UK base:):)
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Thanks to you all for the help and advice

The large servo is now working etc

HOW do I close the link (mark the question as resolved)

Until the next time, keep building robots !


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What are the 300+ 3D and 2D files of? A robot that you are designing or an existing bot that you are modifying and recreating?

I plan on doing something similar to the Omnibot 2000. I found a collection of 3D files done in Rhino of the Omnibot, but they are not ready for 3D printing and lack details like stand-offs for screwing the parts together.

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I am currently building Large scale HEXAPOD robot with a robotic body set on top of the hexapod base. All based on the EZ Robot kit.
100% of my own design, mostly made by 3D printed parts and LASER cut Aluminum parts combine with easy to buy off the shelf parts
It is my attraction to make ALL the design files for 3D printing and Laser cutting, (DWG, DXF and STL files) available, , allowing changes to the design to be made along with a detailed list of ALL the various parts available to anyone interested in building this robot.

It was inspired by my father who always help me as a small boy to design and make all types of objects, and technology, and that was an activity we always shared and thus became my work and hobby

I want this robot to have some artificial intelligence, facial mode and image recognition, as well as speech and some human like coordination and dexterity. And EZ Robot seems like the way to go! The HEART of the robot will be built around your DEVELOPER KIT (I have three kits)

This Large-scale robot mostly made by 3D printed parts and LASER cut aluminum parts combine with easy buy off the shelf parts. The robot will be about 24inch wide and 20+inch tall. The bottom part is based on a Hexapod and the top parts based a robot human. Each part or date files could be edited/changed by the builder giving freedom of design. My files will contain several options for each main body part I am trying to have a basic design with many options. I have made over three hundred parts and I am slowly start to put the robot together.