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Best High Torque 12Volt 100Rpm DC Motors To Use With EZ-Robot System

looking for best high torque 12volt around about 100rpm DC motors to use with EZ-robot system boards and software high torque is a must with speed of about 100rmp up to around 150rmp would suit my five inch (125mm) wheels  any advice on connecting  4 dc motors and 20 LARGE SIZE servos would be very useful thanks all And all of you please keep up...

High Torque Servo DC 12-24V 380Kg.Cm

using High Torque Servo DC 12-24V with the ez kit Best method

The New Rgb 8X8 Display We Are Waiting For

The NEW RGB 8x8 Display we are waiting for (taking a long time ?) I asked a question some time ago about the SIZE of the above item so I could print a suitable housing, thanks to those that helped. BUT when I looked at EZ-Community I now have TWO sizes text 1. 41.46 by 39.29 / 47.64 7.18mm + led top 9mm t= 16.18 plus back part 2. 8x8 display is...

1. Separate Power Supply. 2. Secord Ez-B V4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

Q1. I am working on a EZ-robot project that will force me to use the LARGER Servo (59mm x 29mm x 55mm) 40kg torque and thus wish to control the servo from the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller BUT with a separate POWER SUPPLY. Any TIPS, do and don’ts, wiring Infor, types lipo etc power pack which is best etc. would be very helpful. You cannot give...

Part Sizes Befor Buying

I am making a new HEAD for the hexapod. Can you give me the BODY sizes of the following parts so I can ensure they will fit. (befor I order) 1. 18 RGB LED Block X x Y x Z size please. Can I drive TWO of these from the control unit 2. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Keep up the good work Paul UK based

New Email

PLEASE UPDATE MY EMAIL DETAILS Name Paul Perkins User name paul2d3d OLD email NEW EMAIL Thanks Paul
New Emaill Address

New Emaill Address

Need help, How do I update my email details in side my account details etc thanks
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