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The Older Ezb V3 Units

Anyone got a EZB V3 they might want to part with ? I have an older Acer Netbook
with Xp on it. Id hate to throw this out since WIn8 is out now,Id just rather use the XP
as is along with the V3( and the sonar and old camera). Im not worried about doing anything too fancy just yet, so a V3 will do just fine for now. I assume I can still download the last EZ Builder for
XP from here too?


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ARC will not work on Windows XP. Windows XP was discontinued as an Operating System by Microsoft and therefore it is impossible to incorporate new features. I would recommend installing Windows 7 on your laptop - it will work:)
United Kingdom
If it's not been updated with the latest firmware and you don't want all current features or support then some of us have the last version which would run on XP/Vista (Version 2013.12.01.00) however it had it's bugs and some controls wouldn't work as desired, or at all.

Having said that, it's greatly encouraged to upgrade XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows 7 Starter can usually run on a PC which originally run XP. This would give you camera support, all of the updated controls, commands etc. and support from the community and EZ-Robots.
robohappy, I have a few V3's if you are interested.
United Kingdom
Just re-read the original post, which Acer netbook is it? There are many confirmed upgrades from XP to Windows 7 for the Acer One Netbook which is one of their lower end ones so chances are 7 will work.

Also, you can usually get hold of a trial of any Windows OS which you can legally use for 30 days so rather than risk getting an OS that wont work you could always try it out. With USB memory sticks and portable hard drives so cheap these days (and extremely useful) you could back up an image of the Netbook's hard drive to another device, test out Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 and see which works best. If none work well enough you can revert back to the backup.

Option B - grab yourself a cheap Acer W3 tablet, they work flawlessly with ARC and the price of these (at least in the USA) have dropped through the floor over the last 12 months.
If you have a EZB3 left you can email me, sdstud1975@yahoo.com
with details, asking price, condition.
Steve S
If there's a V3 left, I'd be interested as well! WarPig at CyberPigstudio dotcom.
Windows 7 does work on the acer aspire one.
I have sold all of my EZB3's. Thanks to all who replied.
@Rich R, I think you misunderstood me. I have an aspire one by acer. It is running windows7. That is what it came with.
Mel, I can only go by what you said in your post and this is what you said... "Windows 7 does work on the acer aspire one" ....And I said that indeed acer Aspire one will run Win 7...

Ooops... I guess I did misunderstand... My apologies Mel...

No problem, my friend. I just wanted to correct it so the person needing the help would not get confused.

Thanks for all of your help and advice in the past.