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We looked at it - but there aren't a lot of ppl using it, no standardization and the interface is crude and their servers are slow to accept data. I created the EZ-Cloud variable storage instead. Albeit, there are some pieces missing but there hasn't been much of a demand for it. It's on the list to complete - it'll be blow the robo brain away:D specifically in speed!


Actually I can't wait for that.... Too bad there isn't 2 DJs... :P


I too am eagerly awaiting the cloud features. It is the main reason I stopped working on EZ-DB that allows you to save variable to a database (either MSSQL or MySQL). The funny thing is that earlier today I had a thought that I really need to update this to use the array export that you put into ARC which allows you to export all of the variables at one time, and allows me to write all of these to the database at one time.

Still think a cloud solution would be great and would love to see this happen soon.


The first thing I think of when someone suggests cloud based AI or collective processing through the Internet is Latency , and the second being lag from multiple users.

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Aren't latency and lag the same thing? At least lag is the effect of high latency;)